Mastrubating for wife's friends

I came home after work one Friday last month, and my wife had 3 of her girl friends over. They were all sloppy drunk. My wife said that they were talking about watching their husbands/boyfriends masturbating and one of her friends told her about watching me m********* a couple of months ago
I had gotten out of the shower, and I pretended that I didn’t see her friend sitting on the bed in the master bedroom, and let my towel slip off. She just sat there and watched me start to get hard. I started to m*********, and she stayed on the bed and watched me. I was about 5 feet away, and when I came it almost reached her. Neither one of us said anything then or later.

My wife said that at first she was mad, but her friend swore to her that we didn’t touch or even talk to each other. My wife told me that all of her friends said that they wanted to watch me pleasure myself too. My wife told me to go into the bedroom and come out wearing only the see-through mesh bikini underwear she had set out on the bed. When I came out into the living room all her friends were giggling, but I noticed that they all were staring at my c***. I started to get hard, and then my wife told me to start touching myself. I tried to make it last, but I could only hold out for a short time before I came all over the coffee table. Then my wife told me to go and get dressed

After her friends left she said that one of her friends said that she thought that she could talk her boyfriend to do the same thing next month when they got together at her house. She told me that she would need a ride home because they all planned to get drunk first. I told her that I hoped it all worked out, but if it didn’t I would be willing to do it again.

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  • My wife said that she was sitting next to her and that when he exploded the first shot went over her friend’s shoulder and landed on her pants. Then her friend put her mouth around him and let him finish in her mouth. Then she told me that she would like to watch me do the same thing when it was my turn to put on a show. I’m looking forward to this!

  • Update: This post is a bit long, but I just want to share. Wife came home from her girlfriend’s play day with a wet spot on her knee. I asked what happened and she said that her friends were talking about watching the boyfriend jerking and one of her gal pals said that her husband and wanted to be next to give a show for the group. She said that he told her that he was OK with her doing anything that the other girls did as long as she kept her clothes on and was willing to let her friends do the same thing to him as she did to the guy who was masturbating. My wife said that all the girls dared each other to touch him, and the gal who was letting her boyfriend give a show said that she was cool with any touching as long as she was first to do something. She told everyone that he was a swimmer in college and that he still shaved everything, including his pubes, and that she was OK with everyone feeling his smooth shaved skin. He put on a strip show and then everyone was told it was OK to touch his shaved butt and pubes. My wife said that when it was her turn, while she was touching his smooth pubes, she let the back of her hand rub up and down against his erect member, but that that was all the touching she did. She said that she was so turned on by the show that she almost came, and that she wanted to put on her sleep mask so she could pretend that I was the guy she watched, and give me head right now! Amazing BJ!!! Afterward she told me that that when it looked like he was ready, his girlfriend told him to rub his member against her friend's tongue. After he did this for a while she told the other gals that she was OK if anyone wanted to let him rub on their face too. The one that said that her husband wanted to give a show next said she wanted to taste him too. My wife said that he started to m********* against her friend’s tongue, and then the host told her boyfriend that she wanted to see him c** on her face. My wife said that she was sitting next t

  • I can beat that. I have screwed all my wife's friends.

  • I think he is on the way to doing that. they have all seen him hard and now the only thing missing is the opportunity.

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