Cheated after I got blamed.

I'm a married 20 something guy and have been married for a few years and life's great well mostly.
S** has kind of died down between me and my wife we still do it I just don't get too much enjoyment from it.
Anyway onto my confession this happened last year and with one of my wife's friends (lets call her jenny), we got on well before but nothing major no flirting or anything just talking. There was also another friends (Sarah) and they got chatting one evening and Jenny told Sarah she was planning to meet with a married man and that was their discussion. Sarah however told my wife that I was the married man who jenny was seeing and as you can imagine s**** went south really fast but at this time I'd done nothing. I got hold of jenny and between her my wife and me we sorted out the issue although things were never the same with my wife and me.

Few weeks later jenny and me were talking and I was saying how things weren't getting any better and I was getting frustrated mentally and sexual, with this jenny started flirting firstly as a tease to lighten things up but we quickly got a bit too far into it and before I knew it I'd propositioned her into meeting up somewhere to which she said ok,
My thinking was if I was going to be I Troublet I may as well do the crime.

We met up and spent the afternoon talking over coffee and then proceeded to the hotel where we spent the evening f****** each others brains out, I've never enjoyed s** with someone so much, in the morning we were at it again and then we checked out and went our separate ways, about a week later we were both hungry again so we met up again and went at it all evening and on and off through the night but after the second time we stayed away from each other a little. I do miss jenny as a friend and a sexual partner and would happily take her again.

My wife never had a clue but our s** life is still crap to the point I'm starting to look for another woman to f*** locally.

Mar 19, 2015

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