We've been caught by my Nana

My mother and I have been doing webcam dares for about a year now. She's really young looking and hot! So it started because I told her I was going to do webcams because I can make a lot of money. She was worried so I told her I wasn't going to do anything real bad and to prove it she could watch just to be sure. So I would just give peeks at my b**** to the cam. My viewers would ask for more but I didn't at first. Then when a guy wanted me to finger myself my mom said I should do it because he wouldn't even be able to see my v***** with my underwear on. So when I got paid a whole lot for that I started doing more. So some guys were asking what my parents would think if they knew what I was doing and I told that my mom was right there. So one thing leads to another and now she does it with me and we make a whole lot of money cuz guys really love that. We don't do anything real bad, just kiss and we touch each others b**** and suck on them a little but nothing down there.

So my Nana stayed with us for a couple weeks but mostly stayed downstairs so we kept doing webcams because she wouldn't know. Suddenly we hear her yelling What are you doing?? When my mom and I were topless and rubbing our nipps together. Nana came straight at us and slapped my mom across the face and yelled at my while she pulled my mom away. That happened about a month ago and my mom has been trying to explain to her that we aren't meeting anyone and we're not having s** and we make lots and lots of money doing it. We showed her the money we had and the clothes we bought and Nana got to the point that she was saying Do what you want, you will anyway.

So some of our regulars saw that little action that day and keep asking how that went down and now they've been telling my mom that she should bring in Nana too. For the clients that doubt we're related sometimes it would go a long way in showing them we are because my mom looks just like my Nana. So my mom has been trying to lead my Nana into it by telling her about all the money and she's bought Nana some expensive handbags and jewelry. Mom also said we should start being topless around the house even when we're not on cam so it can be normalized for my Nana.

I don't see it happening but we'd make lots of money for sure. We've been trying to figure out things to do to make more because we're running low and my mom quit her job because she's making more doing cams than she was at her work. I still get embarrassed when my Nana looks at me and I know she doesn't approve. She comes over and points to my b**** and says I was supposed to save them for my husband. Not just let anyone have them and she'll jiggle them around but she's trying to shame me but it's not working. I want to do this along as I can because someday I want to get a nice expensive car with the money before I get married and have kids.

Oct 13, 2021

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