Fat wife

My friend and I are both fat, and a newer co-worker of ours had a nice, sexy body. We decided it would be fun to see if we could fatten her up. She was married to this stud and we were both jealous. So, we started having lots of snacks and also took her to places for lunch with fattening food being served. Over time, we started to get her to gain some weight. At first a few pounds, then it come on faster. Lots of chips and cookies while sitting at our desks and working. Making sure she got appetizers, a big lunch, and dessert for lunch. Then more snacks after lunch. It's been nearly a year and my friend and me are both laughing out heads off--she is now at least 75 pounds fatter that she used to be, and complaining that her husband keeps b******* about her getting fat. We love it, and plan on getting her even fatter, until she ends up divorced and as fat as we are. Too much fun!!!!!!!!

Jan 20, 2016

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  • Bullshit

  • What a steaming pile of bullshit fantasy...

  • If the is true you've done the same thing that me and a few of my friends did to a girl a few years back. The only difference was the chick we fattened started out fat....we just made her a lot fatter. She's a girl that was and still is with an ex-boyfriend of a friend of mine. He left my friend for this fat pig. Fatty boomba lured him away from my friend with lies. But we got her and the guy back.....we started bringing all kinds of cakes, cookies, burgers and pizza over to their apartment when her boyfriend was at work....her fat ass grew exponentially and within approx 2 years she gained over 200lbs. Lol. She now weighs over 450lbs she's a miserable b**** and he's miserable and embarrassed by her. They have a kid now and she's a little porker as well...LMAO! Revenge is F****** sweet.

  • You're a low life b****.

  • LOL Are you dealing with person or a pig? Surely you nor the woman you claim to be fattening up can be this stupid.

  • The coworker can certainly say no and opt out of eating. You may be sabotaging her efforts. Being fat is the least of your problems. Your agenda to make someone gain weight to make sure she gets divorced. Really, what is wrong with you? You are f***** up. This isn't some funny post..like you have problems, serious Mental issues. You are straight up evil and immature. The maliciousness is disgusting. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  • Pathetic, that's what you are. Your life is shallow, meaningless and devoid of anything redeeming. So instead of finding joy in your own achievement and betterment, you can only take pleasure in another's misery.
    What is it then? You were the bullied fat kid? Maybe you peaked in high school and now your life is nothing like you pictured?

  • Some of you Americans are just plain sadistic destructive beings. The whole mindset and stereotypical view that Americans are Rednecks is perpetuated by people who find enjoyment in such, then even worse...gloating about it!

  • Pity those of us who have to share a country with these wastes of life.

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