I want to be alone.

I never want to get married or even be in a relationship with anyone. But it's like everyone is counting on me finding a guy and living happily ever after. I'm only 19, what do I want to get married for? H***, I don't even like dating! At this point, because of what I've seen all my life, I think most men are dumber than a bag of bricks and are only worth a good f***. And some aren't even worth that! I can't see myself be someone's little girlfriend or wife and wish these people would stop trying to change my mind about it.

Mar 9, 2013

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  • Don't conform to other peoples idealisms and personal beliefs.Follow your own and do what your heart tells you.
    My family and my partners family,believe in marriage,then procreating and that's it.
    I find it particularly boring and old fashioned.Within my opinion,there's more to life,than getting married and having a brood of children.

    Luckily for me,my loving partner, has the same opinions :)

    Good luck and remember,follow your own life path,not others :)

  • Maybe a MAN isn't even what you want. Open your mind and you may find happiness.

  • Fascinating. And by "everyone" I'm assuming Family members are "counting on" you to find your Prince Charming and go live your then perfect life in your gingerbread house, correct? Best advice: you're right! And now at 19 it's time to think about separating yourself from those who annoy you about this and do not respect what you are telling them. At 19 you've got many years ahead of you to think about marriage, etc., assuming you ever change your mind. Marriage is NOT for everyone, no matter what you've heard. And I sympathize with your plight dealing with those that are "dumber than a bag of bricks." Often these little idiots of this age annoy me to no end as they are far too often arrogant, loud, shallow, vain, and ignorant little cretins. Besides, being a male myself, and an old dog at that--experience has taught me a great many things. And pushing a young lady who's 19 is never a good idea. Ever. They'll only push you away. Perhaps one or more of them will realize this soon. But either way, best to you, young lady, and remember: you're right. Do what's best for you.

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