I'm sorry everyone, but stop being mean!

I have confessed to some dumb things on here, like listening to women's stomachs, and cuck stories. To be honest I'm 25 and a virgin living in my mom's basement, no one talks to me, and outside of my weekly D&D meetups, I almost never even see other people, much less meet women in any helpful way. My eyes are filled with tears as I write this, please don't laugh at me, I might still make a stomach gurgle confession, but stop being mean to me!

Oct 22, 2018

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  • We'll stop being mean to you when you stop being stupid. Until then, suck it up with a big turtle-killing plastic straw, B****!!

  • Uh, guys? I'm pretty sure this is a spoof confession.

  • Don't turn your back on your friends, keep playing D&D, but join a gym, take up boxing or a martial art. It might be a bit intimidating at first, but the guys at the guy will respect you more for gettIng off your backside, and going. Besides, they've got their own dramas and insecurities to worry about.

    Chicks like men who are active and look after themselves, so make it a regular thing.

    Next, take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror. Does your hair/beard/clothing say loser or lover? If it's the former, it's time to reinvent yourself mate.

    Chin up squire, and roll that D20!

  • Hit up dating sites relentlessly. Lie like a b******. Most the girls on there are dumb and slutty. Might take a while but you'll eventually get laid.

  • Do you still wet your bed or did you until you were pretty old? I did almost every night until I was 16, and it still happens occasionally (I'm 23). I know it's random but I'm asking because I'm also still a virgin, still live at home and have more gamer friends online than real friends. It's hard to meet people and I'm sort of more afraid of a girl finding out I still have accidents at night than I am of remaining a virgin.

  • I need to bepeak to your mom I can help!

  • Well there is the problem. You need AD&D.

  • You , me and many more have wounded personality no one can really help just face our fate and wait for the death to come to end the pain

  • Could I speak to your mom?

  • Get out and just go for a walk. For f**** sake. Find a social sporting club and do something outside. Soccer, touch footie, golf. Like sitting inside having a w*** is not going to get you anywhere. Dress as a woman and go to a fetish club. Whatever just go out.

  • I want to help you if I can?

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