I saw a house catch on fire and I didn'tcall 911

I used to live in a very rural area. Way down the dirt road there was a large wooden house in which lived the worst bully I have ever known in my life. He liked to hit smaller kids and even small animals. I think he was crazy and sometimes I was afraid to go outside.

During the summer his whole family worked at a car repair shop several miles away. One day I was sitting on the back porch while he and his family was at work when I saw smoke comming out of the basement of this punks house.

Then I saw fire comming out of the basement window. I said nothing as my parents were in another part of the house.

After several minutes my father did see the fire and he did call the fire department.

The whole house burned to the ground but had I told my parents half an hour earlier the fire department might have been able to save part of their property. In addition to the house a shed and a garage with cars and other property was destroyed.

I didn't tell anyone sooner because I hated the guy and his whole family.

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  • I'm the OP and to the guy who said I had something to do with the fire. The fire department determined that a faulty electrical outlet mixed with oily rags and newspapers started the blaze. IN other words it was the families own stupidity that caused the fire.

    At the time I was only 11 years old so the law couldn't touch me if they tried.

    The people obviously had to move elsewhere and I never saw them again. They had no insurance on their property.

  • I'm the real OP not you stop trying to take credit for other people's confessions and to properly address the user who said I had something to do with the fire you are correct.

  • It's called "depraved indifference", and you can go to jail for it.

  • I am almost sure you torched or did something to get that house to burn down. I know for sure u know more about the fire than you saying here.

  • Stupid f****** c***

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