Wht 2 do???

Ok this is all true not some stupid person i just have to let this out. Ok i was a juinor in high school at the time. it started last year at volly ball pratice and the basketball team had pratice rite after us and at the time i was single and a virgin. So i saw this new guy and he looked HOT u could see a six pack through his t shirt. And he winked at me when i went down to the locker room. The rest of that week i just passed him in the hall and similed trying not to let him see i was falling head over heels for him.next week wensday he asked me on a date to this italian place just out a town. We ate and all was good and he asked if i wanted to go to his palce and watch a movie i was surprised because it was only the first date and i swore to keep all my clothes on. When we got there he put the movie in and got me a drink i took a sip and it was beer he was drinking it and i didnt want to look stupid so i drank it and the movie started. Half way throughwe were making out and keep in mind i was on my third cup of beer. Well he started to slip down my shirt but i didnt stop him and then i only rember him feeling me up but the next day he told me wht happened and basicly once i passed out he put his d*** in his mouth and then stold my virginty. After i found this out i dumbed him and after a year he ended up hooking up with7 other girls witch i know that he had s** with 5 of them. He is now black mailing me because aparently he video tapped him f****** me and is going to release it to the whole school including my parents unless i have s** with him again. I dont know wht to do? Please i need advise

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  • 3 beers shouldn't put you down for the count, he probably drugged you, go to the police and explain the situation, even if you don't feel like it you might be saving some other girl from going through the same

  • Send him a story about the football players in Ohio convicted of rape. Tell him that you will be embarrassed, but he will be contacted by the Police if he doesn't give you the tape. Call the Police if he refuses, but talk to your parents first.

  • Well seeing how both rape and blackmail are illegal, I would say contact your local police department.

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