I Am a Pantheist

There is no anthropomorphic creator who you have to pray to or who makes things happen.The Universe/Nature is the divine.Since we come from it we are divine.Since we are all interconnected we make up the divine.There is no heaven or h*** nor devil.If we choose to return to this Earth after our deaths we do so to learn a lesson.

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  • Yes yes yes yes yes!! <3

  • No offense, but that's just plain dumb. You are betting your eternal soul on a half-baked personal opinion. If I were you,
    I'd start by asking Jesus if He's real. Ask Him to show Himself to you. Also ask Him to give you a love for the truth; and stop s******* through your mouth.

  • This s*** right here is why I can't take christians seriously. You all claim to follow Christ but you act NOTHING like the way he would have intended you to behave. You should be ashamed!

  • It's my belief.If you choose to believe something completely different,then that is your choice.In this forum,I feel free to expouse my beliefs,and don't particularly care whether you agree with me or not.

  • Then don't start off with a definitive statement. You're the one who's trying to push his bullshit on the rest of us, then
    run to cover yourself in "your right to a personal opinion".

  • I could say the same thing about Christians like you trying to push their beliefs down people's throats,and get scared when someone has a different belief from theirs so they try to put that person down.I could care less whether or not you or anyone else agrees with me.I could take your opinion that I'm supposedly going to h*** and wipe my ass with it.Jesus was a historical figure who preached tolerance and equality,and it wasn't until the Council of Nicaea that his "divinity" was promulgated.That to me doesn't prove much.

  • I guess you'll find out if you're going to h*** when you get there, because I'm pretty sure that's where you'll end up. Better take a tub of ice.

  • This kid has to be one of the more stupid christians ive seen. What a f****** t***. He says tk be accepting and respectful of peoples beliefs but calls this guy stupid for his beliefs. (Even though it makes more sense than christianity ever has). Dont even get me started on christianity. L****. Just shut the f*** up and have your pastor touch your d*** while you worship your flying spaghetti meatball monster and his patriarchical, homosexual hating, delusional religion.

  • I could start off in any way I damn well please.So f*** off!

  • Said like a "true" Christian. Hate and more hate.

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