White men

White men are the devil (the conservative ones)

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  • What rock do you live under ?

  • No they are a bunch of prudes. Me on the other hand I will turn you out and make you turn tricks just for kicks. Or I might make you f*** my buddies. Whatever I decide you are my s** slave. You have no f****** rights at all you f****** dirty ass w****. If I want to f*** you in the ass in front of a bunch of Nuns I will do it and you will be thankful I did it. I'm one h**** b******. You be my f****** c*** w****. Get on your knees b****. Suck all the c** from my nut sack. Now you filthy useless c***. Have a nice day.

  • You are a clown and your own worst enemy.

  • F*** you. Go and die oxygen thief.

  • Oh you mean like Jussie Smollett?

  • Why do you think we are devils? We want people to work for the things they need or want instead of having them given away. It isn't conservative whites making black kids with loose black women who are so promiscuous that they are unsure of whom the father of their children is.

    It isn't us rioting, looting and setting fires when something isn't perfect in society. We aren't the ones doing the murdering, raping, stealing in the black neighborhoods it's other blacks doing that.

    Next time you want to see what a true devil looks like look in the mirror.

  • Sorry but whites do the very things your rhetoric says blacks do. The difference is the media ignores your much higher numbers or the dog handler blows the whistle to force a cover up of those deplorables under a national crisis smoke screen.

  • You need to have your head examined.

  • Yawn

  • J******.

  • In other words, anyone who doesn't agree with us is evil! How woke of you OP.

  • How do you create drama when those you accuse of being racist never make a move to prove your point?
    Simple, you get some of your friends to stage a racist hate attack on you so you can claim to be a victim of those you accuse.
    Jussie Smollett tweeted about fraudulent people and supposedly gets "attacked" by people yelling racial slurs and "MAGA country". Chicago bleeds blue as much as LA and New York. That would be like an allied forces soldier walking into Berlin during WW2 and attacking a N*** soldier while shouting "Long live the queen of England".
    That attack was staged and fake as f*** to garner sympathy from something that no longer exists.

  • That's the kind of thing SJWs do.

    It's also the kind of thing alt-righters do, led by fine examples of humanity such as Cryin' Glenn Beck and Alex "Tinfoil Hat" Jones.

    Too far left OR too far right, that's where the nutcases live.

  • Amen brother.

  • Wow, I see you are a racist.

  • Who told you? How did you find out? We’ve been keeping that a secret for eons.

  • And black men are below them in social standings,and always will be.
    Black men will always be the üntermenschen.

  • Yawn! If you're really serious post your contact info so you can be out in the open with your rhetoric.
    Pathetic sad loser(s) hiding in shadows until identified. Then you change tune to save face. Oh I'm not that person. Trust me. Lol

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