Husband sloppy seconds

I love sloppy seconds

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  • I love a well f***** p****. Whenever I eat her used p****, I make sure to tell her, "Your p**** taste so good today." Then, when I am f****** her, I try to hold out, but all I can think about is the fact that she has been whoring around, and that some other guy was recently f****** her and c****** inside of her..... THAT MAKES ME C** SO HARD!

  • Does eating her out at night after she spent the afternoon with her boss count as sloppy seconds?

  • Yea, I eat my wife out every Wednesday after her boss does her!

  • I think my wife knows that I know she cheats on me with her boss. They don’t go out. They just have quickies in the office. My wife is 51.

  • Love to eat sloppy seconds

  • Blah blah blah.

  • Not me. There was a time that when my wife cheated on me, she would at least make an effort to hide the fact by cleaning herself. Now, when she cheats, she doesn't even bother, so I'm left with the disgusting goo from her other men, oozing out in my bed, and --- when she decides to let me have her --- slithering all over my d*** and into my mouth. I really wish she didn't know that I love her too much to leave her. I really hate the sloppy seconds she keeps giving me. I HATE THEM. I'm glad you enjoy them, but I promise you: it's going to get old. And VERY soon.

  • I love it when my girlfriend bring me home a black creampie

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