I love seconds!

I am addicted to sloppy seconds. We are a mid 40's white couple and have been into swinging on and off for years.
I remember the first time my wife had s** with another male without a condom. He was a young, attractive, black male and the wife was extremely attracted to him. When we got to the hotel room they were all over each other making out. I stepped back out into the hallway to get a bucket of ice. I was only gone a few minutes, but when I returned to the room they were naked, on the bed and he was between her legs f*****g the heck out of her! I love watching so I quickly grabbed the camera to get a few pics of the action. When he grabbed her ankles and pushed them back it gave me a good view of the mommy/daddy parts and I realized HE WASN'T WEARING A CONDOM! A few minutes later he told he he was close to c*****g and was at least polite enough to ask her "where she wanted it". She responded by wrapping her legs around him and pulled him in for a long kiss. He pushed inside her and held his c**k there. Both were grunting, squirming and moaning in pleasure as they made out and he unloaded inside her. It seemed like forever but the finally let go of each other and he pulled out. OMG!!! His c**k and her p***y were slimy and covered in a white cream!
I was rock hard, I immediately jumped on the bed and shoved my c**k inside her. She was so loose, wet and it felt like the inside of her p***y was on fire! I only lasted a minute and I deposited my c*m inside her. We started making out like we were teenagers again and nearly forgot about our guest. As we made out she reached down, shoved her fingers in her p**** and scooped out a load of c*m. He fingers were white and slimy as she began licking them. She did it again and shoved her fingers in my mouth and I eagerly licked them clean. With an evil grin on her face the pushed me down toward her p***y. I didn't need to be told what to do. I buried my face in her sloppy, c*m filled p***y.
From that point on I was hooked! Nothing gets me more excited. The bigger the c**k the better. I love it when she is stretched out, super loose and as messy as possible!

Sep 18, 2021

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  • Nice fanstasy. Hope for the sake of your eternal soul that it's not real. Leading others to that sin - well, I just can't even...

  • I had a similar experience with my live I GF about 15 years ago. She was really into swinging. I was a little conservative but she was my dream girl so I went along with it. On three occasions I had sloppy seconds and it was the best s** of my life.

  • LOL really?

  • I had an affair with a married female co worker. Our first time together she told me she had one rule if we were going to have s**. "NO WASTE". I didn't know what she meant until we actually had s**. When I unloaded inside her she immediately ordered me to go down on her and clean up. I said "no way" until she said if I didn't we would never have s** again. I did it and it became routine. No matter where I finished I had to lick up my own sperm. Even if she took it in the mouth she would kiss me and give it back. After awhile she admitted her husband knew about us all along. He then began joining in. She would only allow me to have s** with her "after" he had his turn. I realized I loved the feel of her p***y after he had finished. I was made to also clean up his sperm as well. I have been addicted to sloppy seconds ever since.

  • You, sir, are an absolute loser.

  • I used to think it sounded disgusting until one day I was staying at my brother and his wife's place for a few days.
    He came out after obviously giving his 25 year old honey a hosing, grinned at me and asked me if I wanted some, so, I went into the bedroom, there she lay, naked and all messy.
    "About time, Danny!" was all she said as she spread her legs.
    I just stuck it in there and went to work, she was so slick I must have set a record, and she sounded like she got off a dozen times.
    Since then, it had been a regular event, plus a few people they know also swing and I have gotten quite a bit of strange. Some like to watch, others just let me at it.
    No need for foreplay in those situations, just jump and go.
    H***, I don't even need to spend money on a girlfriend.

  • I know that glorious feeling. We once had a couple over along with 2 additional guys, and all 3 men f ucked my wife, with me last. She was in heaven, and I couldn't stand it.

  • Yes it feels so good to slide into a hot freshly f**ked p***y. And the taste is so sweet and salty

  • "Sweet and salty" - you must be a Jew

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