I stole her boyfriend

And I didn't even know it.. But I don't really feel so bad about it. For the longest time I wondered why my boyfriends ex DESPISED me. She made fake accounts on several different websites just to spy on us, or try to start drama. I felt like it was really childish and pathetic. She would send him countless messages begging for him back, but then turn around talk s*** about him out of anger. I got so fed up I eventually put her on this crazy ex website and aired out her dirty laundry to all of her friends and family by sending the link to them afterwards. I posted screen shots of all the messages she sent him ranging from pathetic to out right psycho. I posted all the pictures she took of her flipping us off, or trying to look sexy and sending him the pictures privately from different emails he hadn't already blocked. She kept saying I stole him in every creepy message she would send me. I had NO idea what she was talking about, since according to my boyfriend they were broken up before he met me. Well, recently we had an extreme heart to heart and told each other a bunch of things we'd done during our lives we weren't proud of or couldn't tell anyone else. He admitted he WAS still dating her when he met me, but didn't want to cheat on her, and didn't want to stop talking to me so he broke it off with her. Two weeks after he ended it with her, he asked me out. He said he felt bad about lying but did it because he didn't want me to think it was something he was used to doing. He said he had wanted to break up with her for a while but couldn't figure out how to, and when he met me he said it just clicked and he was able to do it. Now that I know what a psycho she is, I don't really feel badly about it. But now I know why she kept telling everyone I stole her boyfriend lol

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  • Whts the link of the website?

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