Have i cheated

I am a 38 year old married women having one son 15 years old. My husband is 47 years old. We have one relative from husband's side who stays at our house when he visits our town. He is older than my husband around 52 and since he is related i never suspected him. Once while i was alone at home he forced me. Afterwards he said he was sorry as he couldn't control himself and i should not tell anyone. He even gave me pill. I was shocked by this and did not know what to do. He left for his place same day. I was feeling bad about myself. After a month when i thought it was over he had come back i was alert but again when no one was at home he forced me this time he was with me for almost half day. Since i protested he was much aggressive on me. He tried showing me clips and then he was brutal on me. He did a*** s** also with me as he was not carrying pill.It was very painful as i had never done that before. Since i have not disclosed this he tries to enjoy with me whenever he gets chance.

May 23, 2013

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  • I am a man you should report this b****** to the police. If you do not
    he could carry on raping not just you but other women. Get this horrible person locked up.

  • Get help as soon as possible.. Kick that b****** out from your home.

  • You've done nothing wrong.
    But look for help so he can't continue to make you feel bad and take advantage.

  • What he did to you was rape. Wherever you live, it was rape, pure and simple. And it was a crime. Only you can decide whether or not to report it to the law enforcement authorities and have him sent away, but whether or not you do that, you should at least go visit a rape crisis counselor (there's bound to be one near you: check in the yellow pages, or call social services), and talk about the occurrences, how you feel about yourself, and how you can prevent this from ever occurring again. You should tell your husband what happened, but if you believe you can't do that, you should at least inform him that his relative is no longer welcome in your home. Yes, it's your home, too, and you have a voice in that. Don't wait to do these things, because if this guy comes back, he's going to expect the same privileges. You have to prevent that from happening. Go get help.

  • A follow-up......It appears that the caption to your post may have been a question, and if so, the answer is "no": you have NOT cheated. You were made a victim of a horrible crime, and you did not cheat.

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