I've been taking birth control

I'm 20 now, and started taking Ortho Tricyclen when I was about 15.
I was having really, really bad periods, and one day in the tenth grade, my period was so horrible that I just couldn't even go to school. I always kept details about that kind of thing to myself, but this time I just had to tell my mom how horrible I felt each and every month.

It was awkward for a minute, but she was really understanding. She said that she had the same problems as me when she was my age, and that I should see a doctor about getting birth control, because that can help. I was kind of shocked, because I just never thought my mom would want me to take "THE PILL", but I agreed to try it after a few more months of hesitating (I think I actually stalled because I was afraid of the doctor's visit, if you know what I mean).

Anyway, I got the pill, and my periods were WAY better. And even though I wasn't sexually active, at that time, Mom and I agreed that we should keep my little "medicine" issue a secret from my dad so I could keep taking it. Not that my dad is some super protective NUT, or anything, but...it was just obvious that he wouldn't like to learn about a secret like that.

Well, it's been a few years since then and I'm off at college now, and it would have seemed that the whole "secret birth control" thing would have gone away by now, right? Erm, not really.

Here's the problem: the last time I was at home visiting my family, I somehow just forgot one day to put away my birth control pills, and left them sitting out in the open in my bedroom. Well, dad happened to be changing some light fixture in that room when I walked in, and sure enough, he looked right at my BC and asked me, "What do you need THOSE for?"

Well, I told him it was because I have really bad periods without them.....but that's not entirely true. In fact, I am now sexually active, and I really am NOW taking the pill mostly so that I can have s**, rather than ease a monthly sickness. The truth is that my periods are not nearly as bad these days as they were back when I was a teenager, and I know this because I went without birth control for about six months last year and felt fairly OK.

So, dad let it go (although I can tell he feels disaapointed in me), and that's the story. I think my confession is that I lied about being on the birth conrol pill for years, and then lied about why I am on it, once my father found out.


Oct 29, 2011

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