I share my wife

My wife has been sexually active since an early age. When I met her she told me all about the differenet sexual experiences she had and this made me love her more. When we got married we often talked about the times she had with other guys and this always got us both excited. We decided that we would try it for real to see what took place. I had a good friend, Billy, who I need she was attreacted to and he would always make comments about how great she looked. I set it up for her to wind up with him alone and she winded up having s** with him. It took a lot of convincing on her part because he was my friend and didn't won't to cross the line. She finally told him I knew all about it and was good with it and he could call me and check if he wanted. He called and I told him to go ahead and for them to enjoy themselves. it was so great later when she was telling all they did we wanted to continue. Since that time I have shared her with my friends and others. I never participate but once in a while will watch her as she enjoys 2 or 3 sometimes more at the same time. We have been married a few years and are closer now than we have ever been.

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  • Nice stori i loved it!!

  • I've wanted my girls to suck my best friends c*** since I started dating as a teen. The image of her on their knees with his d*** her mouth bobbing on it is a huge turn on and I get hard every time. Just the thought of him asserting and stuffing himself dominatingly forcefully and thoroughly into my girls mouth is so incredibly arousing and desirable.

  • I share my wife to a father and son and she ask me to watch

  • I find if the husband brings the men, then no problems. Most couples who follow this rule live happily. It is when she picks the guys that trouble starts because the guy thinks she is His girl. If you make the approach, then he thinks she is your gift.

  • The idea of sharing our bed boosted our s** life every time that we brought it up, we are in love with each other and if some time we talk about sharing our bed with with an other couple or a third person,the purpose is just to discover an other of s** pleasure and since the religion dose not have any place in our family invironment we never are worried about the after mat
    She is mostly fore bringing a man to bed and she loves to be the middle and enjoying two erected d**** between her leggs,so far we had just one time chance to do this and the third man was a 23 y hand some boy an artist in a Caribbean resort and a true lover and my 41 y wife loved his d*** collided mine and double penetrating her from her love hole

  • Yes agree 1000%.

  • My husband and I belong to a swinger group, we both love watching each other f*** and we often join in. My husband loves to watch me with 3 men at once. ass,p**** and mouth being squrted full of c**, then he f**** me and eats my p****.

  • Oh that sounds good

  • Where do you live?

  • Italy

  • HELLOi m french dr.. we love share s**

  • Do you like to share with a couple from canada

  • We leave in canada if you are a couple we can socialise
    I am not that kind wanting to agree my become a public
    S** servant
    We have not done it before but the issue have been one of bed talks juicer
    So if find a similar mind couple we are willing to give it a try

  • I have eaten my wife after she has had a lover also and I just love it!

  • I could love that also

  • I do the same. I eat all the love juice when they are finished with her
    It is such a turn on.good luck

  • My wife like that too

  • I am not saying that it is sik to eat some ones cemen but if feel doing it why you don't ask the person to do your mouth instead of your wife
    We love to share our bed with couple we have managed to do it couple of times with
    A decent couple and bothe ladies loved it to be in middle and some time feeling two erected c**** between their pussyes

  • Love to watch my wife be a s***. Every year we go to Fantasy Fest in Key West where she drinks too much and really lets go. We go to several parties where anything goes, but I really love one because there is a patio area that is visible from the street. She'll get on her knees or sit in a chair in this area and suck any hard d*** that is offered to her. Cameras are flashing and videos are running. I'm amazed that very few pics show up on the internet and usually her face is not very evident. She has gone over the fence and sucked off passerby's. She even turned around, bent over with her arms on a chair and offered a p**** to a couple of well hung guys

  • We have tried the madness of wife sharing once
    On a camping side our camping neibours wife managed to convinced my wife that her husband was a superman in bed and my wife just told me about when we were having s** ' hearing that turned me on so bad that I asked my if she wanted to try the guy , she said yes and the next day my slept in the other tent while I was enjoying
    The neighbours wife . We never tried it again

  • My wife loves the excitement of f****** in risky situation. If we get invited to dinner by friends and if she fancy the husband of our friend she will tell me to keep the wife distracted. On one occasion we arrived a bit early for a dinner at a friends Jorge house. My wife had the hots for the Jorge so she prepared herself with a dress and went without panty. We arrived and was happily greeted by the Jorge and Caterina and over some drinks we were chatting and more drinks it was relaxing. Jorge was sitting facing my wife and she made sure Jorge got glimpse of her bare p****. Just than Caterina went to the kitchen to finish the last dish for the dinner I quickly followed her to the kitchen to help. Caterina was happy she knows I am a good cook and gladly accept my offer. I kept caterina busy by suggesting to cook 2 other dish which she liked. The house we went to was a 20 story condo and the lived on the 16th floor while we were in the kitchen my wife went the belcony pretending to see the view Jorge followed her. She lifted her dress up bend over and Jorge wasted no time took out his 9 inch black c*** and shoved it into her wet p****. He banged her furiously knowing that at any moment Caterina or I may catch them. He doesn't know that I love my wife f****** him. I was also busy with Caterina cooking and as the kitchen is small we bump into each other than at one point as I was standing behind her she purposely pushed her bum back hand pressed against my erected c***. At that moment the door bell rang and 2 more couple came to join the dinner party Jorge and I went to open the door while Caterina was watching the pot. I asked Jorge where is Feliz my wife he said she is enjoying the belcony.

  • That is my biggest fantasy I'd luv to make real. I envy you and wish you more happiness.

  • Would love to have some email addresses so I can send my wife pictures

  • Gem40186@gmail.com

  • Tonyynot66@yahoo.com

  • Joey.velasquez85@yahoo.com
    I'll love to share pics of my wife also . She is hot!

  • Sdg

  • Vikasiscool.bal@gmail.com

  • Send me some pictures

  • Alimert19.90@hotmail.com

  • Sounds like this was written by some illiterate teen judging from sentence structure and spelling. Dude, only thing you are sharing these days is your c**** with your hand.

  • Your wife was the worse h***** i ever paid for,and i want my money back.she farted in her sleep too.

  • i tried this with my wife using the hotwifing methods but it backfired big time and became the decision that led to our divorce. i am thriled to know that it works but have to say it doesnt work for everybody. for me it was a horible experience.

  • Why?

  • We have done it a few times and it was great! I love to see my wife get so turned on and it is always awesome later when we're f****** and she talks about how good it was. Btw..., f*** the english major complaining about sentence strucure and spelling!!! :)

  • After reading all these I felt I am urged to confess what I did to my wife for the first and time
    We have had a normal life together for 25 years some bed talks that is all we had
    Until on a trip to a resort actually I pushed her to try an other guy and reluctantly accepted to do it for me and the guy pleasured her for couple of days while we were staying there with out me being present only seeing them acting like newly wedded couples
    Now after years after she asking me to repeat the expiriencewith the same guy
    Don not know what to do because I am not in the mood of that any more

  • I had shared my wife with my friend 2 months back. Initially she was hesitant but now shw wants to repeat it and I dont want her to go. Kindly suggest

  • I don’t about sharing wife with a friend ,we prefer to do it in a trip with some who we did know before and couples are our preferences
    We met a couple Greece in a trip to Spain ,breat couple man wife both lovely and healthy people ,during our stay for two weeks we had several bed sharing first in different invironment but the time in one bed and enjoyed the each lady mmf and wise vers .

  • Be true to.yourself, if she needs your permission and youre not in.the mood say.No. no can.Be as big a turn on as yes.

  • Go for it let her to have the best of life which very short and enjoy being on the other side of he hot body

  • Yes don't worry about the nay sayers they can't fathom something beyond the vanilla world. If they took a simple look on a lot of kink sites they'd see you are very tame by BDSM standards.

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