Sixth Grade

Well My friend was having a pool party for her birthday and she invited me and two other of my friends. We were playing and hanging out until around 9 at night then we decided to go swimming. Well while we were swimming someone said we should p,ay truth or dare. Well I got dared to make out with one of the girls there and I disnt think much of it, but we started to get really into it and we dry humped a little. After the party I started to get weird feelings about girls and guys so I geuss I'm bi. But I didnt tell anyone at my school because they are all really homophobic and judgemental, so now I'm switching schools and I still havent told my mom because our family is really religious. I dont know if I should tell people I'm attracted to both s** or keep it to myself.

Jun 10, 2013

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  • Stop worrying, and stop assuming. You aren't attracted to both sexes. You were forced to kiss someone, a stimulation that led to humping, another stimulation that made you think -- completely incorrectly -- that you 'like' both boys and girls. It isn't true. It just isn't. Your body has an autonomic nervous system that responds to stimuli without regard to thought or nature or intent, and it includes (among many other things) involuntary muscle movement (from breathing all the way down to eyelid blinking) and . . . sexual arousal. You didn't plan to be aroused and you didn't consciously allow it: your body gave you no choice. Ease up on yourself, honey, and let your heart figure out the world on its own terms and in its own time. You aren't bi. You aren't even hetero. You aren't anything at all yet. The only thing you are is in sixth grade.

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