Stop taunting ME!!

I'm really ugly...However, that is not the problem. It's people around me. They keep trying to make me feel better(I might have complained about it to a friend), by saying am pretty so as not to hurt my feelings. (Eg: when it's a special occasion and I dress up for it) That makes me want to HURL!!! To me it feels like they're taunting me with the thing that I don't and will never have. It really hurts.When I express my feelings about the 'fake-compliments' they get worse and increase in frequency. HOW DO I MAKE THEM STOP?! It's rubbing salt on the wound.
Also, how do you come to terms with your looks? If you wake up everyday and hate what you see?

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  • Ugly , Life dealt you quite a s***** hand I'm glad I'm not you though lol

  • Every girl tells every girlfriend that there pretty i mean what do you want them to say? something negative that's just you wanting pll to project your feelings about yourself back at you so you can justify saying your ugly.A lack of self esteem is a recipe for disaster all it takes is one guy say a few nice words in your ear and your going to fall for them no matter if there good for you or bad.You need to talk to a counselor about this because self loathing isn't something to aspire to.

  • It's sad that no one can reply to this...

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