The next things that goes wrong will the the last thing ever...

I've had one h*** of a year so far. For my birthday, i had my identity stolen, after dealing with that s*** for 3-4 months, and finally having it under semi control, my car got totaled. The person driving the other car was at 100% fault yet they are trying to blame me. After that, my parents house caught fire, my house got flooded by my neighbors sewer lines being backed up so i had dirty water in my unit, my dog got sick. To make things even better, i was at a charity event trying to be nice and fix my "luck" where i become the only f****** guy at a charity event infront of my entire community to be DETAINED by the police. handcuffed for NO reason and held for doing nothing in front of everyone. My name has been dragged through the mud and it makes me so angry. I'm the nicest person out there. Probably even too nice. I try and do good deeds and help others and in general i try to help anyone who crosses my path. I totally feel like i'm the guy who ends up getting it the worst for no reason at all. People have told me to pray and turn to god for help. F*** THAT. i wont even go into that s*** but i'm totally against it. There is no point. If there really was a god, why would he punish me for doing good? maybe i'm just meant to be alone or meant to be evil. I dont have it in me, but i'm sure if push comes to shove i'll step up to the plate and f*** some s*** up. I have no one to talk to or to turn to. Im just mad at the world and my s***** luck. It seems as if its not one thing its another. I am 100% at my wits end. I really dont know what to do with myself anymore. I totally feel like I should have been the guy who went out in santa monica and randomly started killing people but i'm smarter then that. Still doesn't change the way i feel about it. I'm just angry, and down and really about to give up on everything. Even sitting here typing this out makes me more angry. Everytime i think about my life it just makes me want to puke. I really just need something positive, something to change, some streak of luck, just something before i do something that will change it forever.

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  • Welp i'm the original poster. Seems like my life just keeps on getting better and better. I got back together with my ex girlfriend, only to find out that my best friend and my ex gf got together and f*****. she kind of left that piece of the puzzle out until I f****** had to dig and found that s*** out. she didn't come forth and tell me that. she waited until i opened up to her, only to crush me. i feel like my world just keeps getting worse. last night i tried to kill the pain. i took 3 oxy's, drank almost a bottle of jameson and yet for some f****** reason i'm still here. i still feel like s***. i want to disappear and never come back. i want to move to some place where no one knows me and just start fresh. i really with all my heart wish i could just disappear and move away and never have to see anyone i know ever again. it would kill my family. i know they love me to pieces but i dont even know how to talk to them about this, or anything for that matter. i have to walk around with a fake smile on my face and look happy, but on the inside i'm on fire. i'm filled with anger, sadness and pain. nothing i can do will put the fire out. no drug can numb my pain. i'm not a teenager. i'm too old to be going through this. my life is just sad. really really sad. all i can think about is her with him. when she touches me, i think of how she touched him. i'm so jaded that i'd rather go to a bar and f*** some random hoe then be with the girl who "loves" me. maybe thats what i should do, just go f*** the hate and sadness out of my life. i need help. i need major help.

  • Man I though I was the only one, I feel like every time I try to nice things I get in trouble for no apparent reason. And I also get yelled at by people who have VERY nasty attitudes. Yeah it sucks, and the worse part I 'am stuck with them for the whole summer, I can leave but I can't get paid for the thing I 'am doing with them. Even though my teacher has yell me to work as a team player, I never once saw these lazy f****** ass holes lift a finger to help. All they f****** worry about is there damn Starbucks, there cellphones, there seats on the bus, there seats when we get to our destination, the microwave to they can eat first and to talk to who ever is in there "click", and for the fact that "they" have to be first for everything. F****** LAZY UNGRATEFUL BASTARDS. I swear I would love to have half the s*** they have. But I make do with what I have, and the bunch of them think there to good for anything. Also not to mention they try to make me feel let out. When they try to do some thing I don't know about it till the last seconds and by then its too late to do anything about it. And these girls are the ones that have the nastiest attitudes. Including these 3 girls I know. F****** B******. I know I 'am a nice person but I think one of these day's I going to snap one of them and it ain't going to be pretty.

  • Yeah I know your life is really bad. You were born without limbs. You are homeless in the dead of winter in the middle of a snowstorm. You live in a 3rd world slum where the only water to drink is something people in the US wouldn't even give to their dog. You grew up in a home being physically and sexually abused. You are blind, deaf or dumb. You are a quadriplegic paralyzed below the neck. You are infected with a disease that there is no cure for. You witnesses your family hacked to death by govt soldiers.

    Yeah I know, really. You're life is so bad you can't take it anymore.

  • Bang a redhead....always changes my s***.

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