My brother's friend & I

I spent my senior beach week with my 5 friends at my brother's house with his two roommates. One roommate, only 2.5 years older than me, was perfect. We hit it off really well right away. As the week went on, he touched me (respectfully) on the back, hugged me, etc. more and more. We had a really good time together and were always smiling looking at each other. He was SO nice to me and I really could see us together. One day he came home after I helped him do something (he was a little drunk) and hugged me for about 10 seconds and told me he “loves me so much”. Then one night when we were both drinking (it was about 7 people there to start), he stopped what he was doing to come hug me with his whole body in the middle of everything. He started to sway with me like we were slow-dancing and whispered stuff in my ear. He was being really sweet and romantic but it wasn’t a romantic conversation from what I remember. A little later on, he came over to me again and took my hand and started to slow dance with me again (the music was rap which was funny about it) and he put his face close to mine again. Later on, 3 of his friends showed up. Apparently one was a girl who he’s hooked up with but she’s not his girlfriend. After they showed up, he introduced only me, not my friends, to everyone. About 10 minutes after that, he picked me up (literally swept me off my feet) and held me for about a minute and was swinging me around. He definitely wasn’t just acting flirty with me when he was drunk and I could definitely feel something between us but I don’t know what to do about it. I don’t think my brother would care because this guy is such a great guy. I just don’t know what to do. I understand that the age seems like a big gap now but it really didn’t feel like a big deal when we were together. We’re friends on facebook, so should I try to talk to him/what should I do?

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  • 2.5 is a good age gap you idiot -_-
    think when you are 88 he will be 90.. now does that sound so bad???
    oh and go for it! if you like him and he likes you then what should be holding you back? its your life so live it and make your own mistakes, thats what makes you who you are hunny xx he sounds like a decent guy and not a total slob so just go for it xx have fun ;)

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