I'm drunk

And I feel like confessing the fact I stole my current boyfriend from someone else on purpose. She treated him like SUCH crap and would always go to the club dressed like a w**** and flirt with random guys. He hated it, she knew that, and yet she STILL did it. She refused to have s** with him, yet sexted other guys behind his back, but then would claim she was a virgin and was waiting until she was married. He's REALLY hot and was basically just too good for her and didn't deserve to be treated like that. We have so many common interests it's crazy, so I just went for him. I didn't care if anyone noticed lol I didn't make him cheat on her but I definitely coaxed him into breaking up with her. I told him he could do better and I pointed out all the bad things she did to him constantly. He started coming to me more and more about their relationship until finally he told he had feelings for me and wanted to dump her. It was the best day of my life. Completely. She was crushed, and I was thrilled. We've been together for two years now and she's still butthurt about it but I don't feel bad for taking someone awesome and treating them how they should be treated. Ladies, if you have a good man, treat him like a king or else someone else will!!

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  • Sounds like a win-win. And if she ever learns anything from it maybe a win-win-win.

  • He's a lucky dude. Good for u both.

  • Well done, you!!! I love what you did, and even more so I love HOW you did it! It was perfect, from start to finish! She deserved what she got, and you deserved her man!! That was a beautiful thing, and you are beautiful for having done it!!!!!!!

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