Round two coming up.

Last year was a terrible year on and off for university, In and out of classes and sent home multiple times for stupid covid, Anyway I did manage to attend a few parties and checked off a couple things on my (To-do list).
Played strip poker, Made out with a room mate, Went home with two guys. So...You may ask what's left on my to-do list well....I have 1 thing left that I actually want to try, I have been working on hooking up with my one room mate (Not the same one) and I think this is going to happen, I have so far chickened out but have had a couple opportunities so I just need to set my mind to go through with it. She has straight up asked me and I jokingly said "well...Lay back and I will sit on your face" and she did, I panicked and backed out. She is always topless or naked in front of me and asks me if I like her body, Asks me to touch parts of it and she really does have what I think is a nice body so I do enjoy touching her butt, B****, but haven't gone for the other yet even though 3 hours ago she dropped her towel and put one foot on my bed after a wax and said "Feel how smooth it is" but although I took a very inquisitive look I declined.
Tonight we have a party to attend together and I have been planning on making it happen since she left my room and I realized I was leaving a wet spot on my bed just from sitting there thinking about her.

Dec 2

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  • I went to college to escape an abusive boyfriend, 19 years later I am still in a committed relationship with my 3rd year room mate that I ended up hooking up with and fell in love with.

  • It was in a sorority 12 years ago and attended a party. I had just started dating the guy that I eventually married. He couldn't attend the party for some reason.
    Since we'd only went out a couple of times and not serious, I decided to hook up with one of the football players at the party. I was wearing a thin sundress and I went to the bathroom and took off my panties. I walked up to him and stuffed them in his pocket. He pulled them out and smiled. We found a vacant bed and he pounded me silly! To this day, I've never told him about that night.

  • Aaaaand check that off the list, Amazing, Wonderful, So much better than I even imagined and before falling asleep she sighed "Oh man, We need to do that more often"...I agree.

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