I hate my step son

Someone please help!!! I just got married February. I love my wife she's so amazing. But I absolutely HATE my step son he makes me wanna smoke my lungs out!!! Doesn't the bible say choose your spouse over EVERYONE including kids?? He's becoming a problem in our marriage and I am suffering psychological problems because of it. He's 30 years old and his mom will not for the life of her send him away. Knowing he has a place to go. She has allowed him to get in our business and disrespect us both time and time again. I finally snapped and called her out on his crap. I haven't even met my step daughter and grandson yet. She's 26 her son is 4. I have wept in tears for my wife to get rid of him and she will not respect my wishes after all I have done. He's very violent and belligerent too. She knows his behavior and temper but not only that she threatens me with him so I will put up with her crap and let her AND him walk all over me. I only wanna hear from people who got this resolved please. I love my wife and I am not letting Satan break us apart. The bad thing is she and her son know I hate him with a passion his disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. My wife was abused by her ex husband but it's been years since before she married me. The excuses got to go. I can't put up with that no more.


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  • Your stepson is the devil. He must go, or you will have no other choice but to leave them to themselves, for your own peace and health.

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  • Deep breath. Chill. Have an affair.

  • You didn't know the son and your wife were a package deal when you married her? Surely you had to have? She will pick her son over you everytime. This is your future unless you change it.

  • Then go buy a new one

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