Hey Murray

It's been less than 24 hours since our online argument where you decided to comment on my comment - lambasting what I had advised this woman about her roommate issues. You firmly believe that the man should never have to move and it is always the woman that must find her own place because you believe men have all rights everything. Patriarchal attitudes. Even in domestic violence situations the woman has to uproot and find a new home with the kids - or the women get stripped of their kids because in this day and age the children are still property of the men.

Women are still being minimized and devalued - treated like crap because some men want to have everything and be like spoiled little children.

I was on the run and I moved out of shared accommodations 90% of the time. I wouldn't advise that to any woman especially when it is her home first to start with. I don't think a woman should give her home away to a man and find another. Strip everything out of her life because society believes that Man has all the rights and woman are crap...just who the h*** do you think you are?

I gave everything up in my life because I solely believed the other person had more rights that me and that I strongly believe that I deserved nothing....not even life.

Yet you label me a hypocrite - which You are wrong....but I'm far blessed to be that than a person like you.

So Murray, in Calgary - F*** YOU

18 days

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  • Bull. Women are the hero's and treated like angels who can do no wrong in this society. It's men who always have everything taken away from them and it's always women who weaponise children against their fathers. How many men are homeless out living in cars because of crushing court ordered payment? Or in prison? How many women?

  • I believe in balance and objectivity justice is blind and both genders are equally capable of evil but in different ways. I wish Aisha took Muhammad to the cleaners. That dirty old man raped his best friend's little daughter. What do you call 2 billion pedophile-lovers?

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