I have a rash on my b******

Jun 27, 2013

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  • HYDROCORTISONE. Topical application. Comes in a tube. Over the counter. Very inexpensive. Any drugstore will have five or six or more brands to choose from. All under ten bucks. Some under five. Use 3-4 times a day or as needed.

  • Thank you

  • It's not a rash. It's a message. From aliens.

  • S*** you more wacked than me if you believe in aliens. my problem is just a rash that will go away yours is something that can't be fixed.

  • No. What appears to be a rash will grow steadily worse, and without apparent pattern. Then, you will start to notice other people around you -- some strangers, some you know -- with odd 'rashes' on their necks and arms and backs. Eventually, it will become evident to you that all the 'rashes' are precisely the same and they form a group of words, or symbols, or numbers. And once you and your cohort decipher them, you will go to the place the 'rashes' designate, at the designated time, and you will all be lifted away from the earth's surface and transported to the mother ship, as you look back and see the entire planet . . . . . destroyed. You are the chosen ones. I, unfortunately, have no rash. Enjoy your new life.

  • Lol that s*** aint gonna happen get off the wacko pills and get help.

  • Pills aren't going to help much when the Earth and all of its inhabitants are consumed in a fiery inferno and you and your friends are flying away to the New World. I'm telling you: your rash is a sign, they are coming to get you and the other chosen few, and the rest of us are doomed. That rash is the best thing that ever happened to you. It's your map and your boarding pass to the transport ship. Bon Voyage!

  • See ya get help

  • Have your nipples always been that weird color?

  • Lol what weird color, my nipples are the same color they have always been, are you saying you got something wrong that you want to share with people. better get that color check out my good person.

  • damn those are some ugly-ass t****** you got there, girl. you are badly in need of a b***-job. today!

  • I dont need a damn b*** job i just need something to get rid this rash.

  • I had that happen one time. It was ringworm. [Which if you are unaware, is not a worm, just a fungal rash.] That sucked ass. My boyfriend had us jump into an un-chlorinated pool, and against my better judgment I went with it... and /I/ was the one who got stuck with ringworm, not him. F*****! lol

  • How did you get rid of it?

  • Yes, I see that. And they're misshapen, too.

  • Of course they are, no two breast are the same size unless they are fake.

  • Mine are :)
    Jealous? ;)

  • Nope like i said your b**** are fake

  • and how recent is that mole? the one right . . . there?

  • Please i have seven moles and none on my b******

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