I think people shouldn't hate others

I think people shouldn't hate others because of their religious beliefs or lack there of.
Can't we all just get along?

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  • To settle all of this just watch Dogma!!! better than \\"the Passion\\" and less reading too.

  • lol religion

    Where are all the dinasaurs?


  • If there is a God, we should fear him, not worship him. With all the deadly diseases and the such on Earth, God must really want to kill us.

    And there are actually many Christians who are Christian just because it's more comfortable to beleive that nothing bad will happen to you if you're a good person.

    There were lots of good people in this world, and a lot of them were murdered, got a deadly disease, etc. If there is a God, then good things would happen to good people.

  • Clearly, you didn't read anything provided in the links either.
    Now go stick your head back in the Bible and wait for "The End Times".

    You do realize that one of this worlds greatest students of the Bible (Martin Luther) [certainly more devout that anyone here], maintained that "The Book of Revelations" was NOT a work insired by God, and that it never belonged in the Bible... don't you?

    I repeat, go stick your head back in your flawed theories and do what you Pastor tells you.

  • Wow the poster above is a real idiot. He has no idea what he's talking about. I'm suprised the guy arguing for the Bible even entertained such a pathetic argument. I hate it when people who don't even study the Bible try to discredit it with stupid, totally wrong examples like this.

  • LLLOOOOOLLLL!!!!!!!!!
    Ask yourself this…
    Q - “Why would a non-believer even remotely care about Jesus’ exact bloodline?”
    A - I don’t! I’ll even ignore the fact that Luke says Joseph’s father was Heli,
    and Matthew says Joseph’s father was Jacob. < -- a contradiction.
    You have shown me Jesus’ correct ancestry. Thank you.
    We both agree that Mary’s hymen was long gone when Joseph dumped a load of c** in her and made a baby. (I can’t help but wonder. Was he a “three-pump-chump” or did he at least let Mary get her rocks off too?)
    There was no virgin birth. And that, my friend, is a contradiction. A BIG one
    Spin that.

    There is also the issue of vast differences in counting errors.
    2 Samuel 10:18 David kills the men of 700 chariots.
    1 Chronicles 19:18 David kills 7000 men which fought in chariots.
    This is the part where you try to tell me that there were 100 men in each chariot or some other nonsense, but if you want to try to explain why this ISN’T a contradiction (which you still claim there isn’t even a single one), this would probably be a good place to start.


    Is your Mommy helping you with this?

    I especially found this part hilarious!!
    “Space does not allow a detailed discussion of the evidence, so I will briefly list the main finds and their correlation with the Bible.”
    Anyone with common sense can see that it really means, “I really don’t want to discuss the fact that none of this is actually founded in something credible, so let’s just go with what works for us.”

    As far as those very same archeologists you mentioned… you also very conveniently left out the part where their findings proved that the city of Jericho DID NOT EXIST in the time of Joshua.
    You need to get in line with the rest of the worlds Biblical Scholars who are currently rethinking the timeline of the Bible.
    I suggest you do some serious reading and stay away from all these children’s stories you find on the web.


  • You have to be one of the weakest of all the atheist or whatever you claime to be. First of all you weak claims of contridictions aren't even valid. I want you to do this. Show me anywhere in Exodus or the entire Bible for that matter where God orders his people to worship anything but Him.
    Show me. Because the only contridiction would be for God to say build this now worship it.

    Ok lets take a look at your so called 5th contridiction. First of all 2 Samuel 12:7 states

    "And Nathan said to David, Thou art the man. Thus saith the LORD God of Israel, I anointed thee king over Israel, and I delivered thee out of the hand of Saul;"

    and 1Chronicles 28:4 States

    "4Howbeit the LORD God of Israel chose me before all the house of my father to be king over Israel for ever: for he hath chosen Judah to be the ruler; and of the house of Judah, the house of my father; and among the sons of my father he liked me to make me king over all Israel:"

    Nowhere in any of these scriptures or chapters does it say that the Messianic line of descent was to be through solomon. And nowhere in the Old Testiment does it state that the mesianic line of decent must be through kings. Plus you are talking about two different Nathans. The Nathan that spoke to David in the 2 Samuel 12:7 and 1 Chronicles 28:4 was the prophet Nathan. And once again your lack of reading has gotten you into trouble. If you would have read Luke's trace of Jesus you would have come across Luke 3:31 which clearly states

    "Which was the son of Melea, which was the son of Menan, which was the son of Mattatha, which was the son of Nathan, which was the son of David,"

    The Nathan described in Luke is one of Davids son. It is stated that Jesus was a decendant of David and this is clearly in line with that. And as for Davids throne being established forever Jesus fulfilled that prohecy by dying on the cross. Jesus was a descendant of David and now he sits on the thrown forever. I wouldn't expect you to understand but then again it is you we are talking about. Just a little amount of effort would have easily shown you that you were talking about two different Nathan's. But once again you went back to the internet and copied something down and pasted it on here.

    As for your statement that Jesus was confused with someone else. I think the only person here confused is you. You don't even know which Nathan you are talking about. I guess in your crazy way of thinking it's impossible for there to be two different people with the same name huh. I guess that's a new thing that started in the 70's with homosexuality. Not only were there two different Nathan's but the text is clearly states this.

    As your your response to number 4, once again you are trying to twist what i said to make you point. But that's expected of somebody so incompetant. If anything these two verses go together. Paul was explaining that you can't make to heaven on works alone. You need faith also. And James simply confirmed this by using Abraham as an example that because of his works and his faith he obtained Salvation. Come on dude you really need to learn and know something before you come against it.

    Ok I'll humor you with this pathetic excuse #2. Jesus didn't say go and steal the donkey. He said "go and loose the donkey and bring him hither" now if he was really telling them to steal the donkey why would he say
    "31And if any man ask you, Why do ye loose him? thus shall ye say unto him, Because the Lord hath need of him" If he really wanted them to take the donkey he wouldn't have cared to have them address anybody who approached them. Name one bank robber, mugger, thief or any other criminal who would plan to get caught in the act. Lets get real here.

    And your response to your first alleged contridiction makes no sense. First of all nobody is talking about Cesear. And when Jesus said that he was referring to paying taxes that you are legally bound to pay. In other words Jesus was preaching that you should follow the laws of the land in which you live, as long as it doesn't cause you to sin. And that has nothing to do with the fact in you first pathetic attempt you were talking about the punishment handed down for two different crimes. As I stated before stop reading one or two verses that fit your purpose and read the entire scenario or chapter and then you won't be so ignorant. God clearly stated that the punishment for worshipping other gods would not only effect you but your family for generations to come. And this is true with generational curses of all kinds. But in Deutoronomy 24:16 he is taking about when you break the law. If a man was caught stealing only he would be punished not his family.

    And I don't understand where you get this squirming thing from. But you are sadly mistaken. I've debated contridictions of the Bible with much, much, much more qualified individuals than yourself. I mean if you know over 300 contridicts as you claim, then why didn't you pick some that would have atleast been the least bit challenging. I mean if you are going to attack my religion at least come correct. Don't bring a knife to a gun fight.

    And I can already see that you are not a well informed atheist or whatever, because you would know that not only did Jericho exist, but archeologist have found the walls of Jericho laying under piles of ash. Which coincides with Joshua's account of how they burned Jericho down after the walls fell. Please do your homework before you come to class.


    Second of all why don't you answer my questions about your flawed theory of evolution. Oh it's because you can't, because if you could the theory wouldn't be flawed. You can keep trying but you won't find a contridiction, inaccuracy, or outright aburdity as you call it in the Bible period. But have fun trying.

  • Tappity tappity tappity
    Yeah! We've got those feet moving now! : )
    LOL Every last apologetic says the same thing. "You're taking it out of context."
    Do you all get the same training???

    We’ll deal with the fact that you completely ignored why Jesus was just a common human born to common people in a minute.

    #1 So, you simply skate away by saying, “Give to Ceaser what is Ceasers.”?
    Laws are laws. Deuteronomy 24:16 is an attempt at changing man’s law to the exact opposite of what is supposedly Gods law.

    #2 LOL Slow down! Your gonna get dizzy!
    Simple fact. They were told to take the donkey.
    I walk into a drug store and put a bottle of baby aspirin in my pocket and walk out, but the alarm goes off and I get caught at the door. I tell the security guard that I can’t afford to take the kid to the doctor and can’t even afford the aspirin. He lets me take it anyway.
    The intent is taking something that doesn’t belong to you.

    #3 I really like how you handled this one. “What He really MEANT was…” LOL
    Exodus 20:4 "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven” - - Don’t do this!
    Exodus 25:18 "And thou shalt make two cherubims of gold, of beaten work shalt thou make them." - - Do this!

    #4 You really DO have yourself dizzy now.
    Ephesians 2:8,9 Paul is saying your faith, not your works will get you into Heaven
    James 2:24 Here, it was because of Abraham’s DEEDS (works), NOT merely his faith that granted him salvation.

    You’re squirming all right, but you aren’t the Him I was referring to.
    LOL Now you are God?

    There were 5 contradictions, not 4.
    Now. Let’s deal with the Jesus issue that you didn’t answer.
    Time and time again, the Bible states that Jesus is the son of Joseph.
    “The Good Book” clearly established him as Josephs son.
    Luke traces his ancestry all the way back to Adam… through Joseph.
    Let’s also take look at 2Samual 12:7 and 1Chronicles. 28:4 which state that the messianic line of descent was to be through Solomon. But Luke has Jesus descending from Nathan. Nathan was never a king.
    David was promised that his throne would be established forever. Nathan had nothing to do with this promised line.

    Sure looks to me like Jesus was confused for somebody else.
    At any rate, he was merely a “son of man”, not son of God.

    When we get done with all of the contradictions, we can move on to all of the inaccuracies (such as the fact that Jericho didn't even exist at the time of the supposed walls tumbling down) and then we can deal with all of the outright absurdities.

  • Oh and by the way there's no squriming here. I've studied every single alleged Bible contridiction and know why they are not contridictions so i'm open to any thing you want to bring up. Lets do it.

  • As usual you people simply take one verse and don't read the whole thing.

    1. For you first alleged contridiction
    Exodus 20:5
    Deuteronomy 24:16

    In Exodus if you read the beginning of the chapter you will see that God is talking about his laws for worship. He clearly states in verses 3-4 that the Israelites shall have no other god before him. He here is clearly stating that the punishment for the worship of other gods will not just fall on you but to your children and even your childrens children. Where as in Deuteronomy 24:16 he is talking about punishment for breaking the law. This entire chapter of Deuteronomy is talking about laws on how to treat your hired workers and servants and what happens if you are found guilty of breaking these laws. He was simply stating that the Israelites were to only punish the person who committed the crime and no one else because it was common practice in those days by warlords to destroy entire families because the crime on one family member. This is in no way a contridiction. For if both punishments were about the same thing then yeah it would be a contridiction. But in Exodus 20:5 he's talking about the punishment of your sins against God and in Deuteronomy 24:16 He's talking about the punishment of the crime against man. Two totally different things.

    2. For you second alleged contridiction
    Exodus 20:15
    Luke 19:29-34

    You really can't be serious about this one!!!!??? I mean come on. Yes Exodus 20:15 states "thou shalt not steal" but once again you are just picking out peices of scripture and not reading the whole passage or story. In Luke 19:29-34 Jesus instructed His diciples to loose the donkey. When they were confronted about loosing the donkey the responded just as He told them "The Lord hath need of him" and they were allowed to take the donkey. They did not sneak in and take it without the owners knowledge. The owner not only knew they were taking the donkey but gave his permission. This same story is also told in Mark, and Mathew. If you would have read those versions of the same story you would know that the owner of the donkey allowed the diciples to take it. Plus if a crime was committed they would have had some altercation one way or the other. This is in no way a contridiction. Jesus' diciples didn't steal anything they had permission.

    3. For your third alleged contridiction.
    Exodus 20:4
    Exodus 25:18

    Ok I thought you were going to come up with something for real. A 10 year old sunday school student can see that this isn't a contridiction. First of all in Exodus 20:4 God is giving Moses the ten commandments. One of which is "Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth" Exodus 20:4. This verse, once again if you read the entire chapter, is instructing the Israelites not to create an image of anything on earth out of gold to worship it. The pathetic thing about this is that you, in your first alleged contridiction, used the verse Exodus 20:5 which explains Exodus 20:4. That lets me know that you probably went on the internet and found these and just posted them here. But anyway in the verse you claim contridicts it, Exodus 24:18, God is instructing the Israelites how to build his tabernacle. He told them to build an altar so that He could dwell in it and govern his people. This verse isn't instructing the Israelites to worship any image made of gold or silver. It's simply giving them instructions on how to build Gods throne. For this to be a contridiction he would have to have said build this and worship this. But instead he only says build my tabernacle this way. Never once does God instruct them to worship anybody but Him. Once again no contridiction here.

    4. And for you last pathetic attempt
    Ephesians 2:8,9
    James 2:24

    Ok first of all in Ephesians 2:8,9 Paul the author is talking about Salvation. Which only comes through Jesus Christ. This entire letter was written to the church in Ephesians. During Pauls time the church in Ephesians did many good works for Christ, but they were not living right. In other words they would help the poor but would boast about it. They would build huge churches but were not being true to the Christian Faith. Paul simply let them know that you can not make it to heaven simply by doing good deeds. That was was meant by the word "works" used in this passage, which was translated from the greek word meaing deed, or good work. In James 2:24 the author is talking about the importance of faith. In this book the author here was teaching about how faith without works is dead. In the few verses above James 2:24 he explains by using Abraham as an example. Abraham was a man of great faith. But his works proved it by his willingness to sacrafice his only son to God without any questions. Because his faith was so great he did the works of God with no hesitation. But had he not been willing to sacrafice his son his faith would have been for nothing. And that's what John was talking about in this chapter. He was teaching that no matter how much you say you have faith in Christ if you don't follow his teachings then you faith is useless. So to conclude these two verses are talking about two totally different things. Therefore its not a contridiction.

    And just let me say that I don't think you even know the meaning of the word contridiction. In order for there to be a contridiction you must state one thing, then turn around and state the opposite. For instance if I said I went home on july 29th 2008 and traveled east, then the next day said I went home on july 29th 2008 and traveled west. Then that's a contridiction. But not if I say I went home on july 29th and went east. And then turn around and say I went home on july 30th and went west. That's not a contridiction. And that's what all of your alleged contridictions were. You simply took two pieces of a story that by themselves would appear to be a contridiction, and tried to pass it off as a contridiction. And quite frankly I'm disappointed. I thought you would atleast put up something I'd have to research or take more than a minute to destroy. I really believe you just went on the internet and copied the first four alleged contridictions that you googled. Very sad.

  • LOL! How did I suddenly become a disciple of Satan?
    HELLLOOO! No God = no Devil.
    I also never said I believe in Karma.

    There isn't a single contradiction in the Bible?
    I’ll give you 5 and let’s start right here. (and this one’s a biggie)
    Jesus’ heritage is traced back through Joseph. Supposedly, Joseph had nothing to do with it.
    Kinda negates the whole “virgin” thing.

    You’ll like this one. This is where you contradicted yourself.
    Exodus 20:5
    Deuteronomy 24:16

    Exodus 20:15
    Luke 19:29-34

    Exodus 20:4
    Exodus 25:18

    Ephesians 2:8,9
    James 2:24

    Please show me why these aren't contradictions.

    Why do you keep hanging onto the idea that I need proof?
    I've stated that I don't. You seem to need it though.
    Also seems to me that you can't fathom faith in something that you don't believe in.

    You are the zealot I spoke of earlier.

    You know, it would actually be fun to find out I'm wrong.
    I've got an awful lot of serious questions I'd like to see Him squirm on.

  • First of all there isn't a single contradiction in the Bible. You name any one of the supposed 300 and I'll show why it isn't a contridiction. That's why it hasn't been thrown out. For centuries people have claimed that there are contridictions in the Bible and for years they have been proven wrong. That's why it's still here.

    And as for the different versions of the Bible that's due to the many different languages that it has been translated in. If you read any of them you will see that while the words may be a little different the message doesn't change.

    And as for brain surgery and limb attachments while they are amazing in what they do, they still pale in comparison the the limbs, and organs that God created. Even our most sophisticated technology can't compare to the function of original organ. That's why we have transplants. If we could create a heart that's better than the one we are born with then we would not need transplants. I don't knock medical science. It's great but it's merely and cheap imitation of what God created from the beginning.

    As for morals I wasn't talking about man's laws they mean nothing. Even the average joe can comply to simple rules. I'm talking about the teachings of Jesus and the laws of God. These are rejected because they are not what humans perceive to be normal. That's the basis of your evolution. To undermine the Power of the true God.

    And as for your faith in evolution I like the way you danced around all the questions I posed about your so called faith. You didn't answer on single question about any missing links or transitional forms, or anything pertaining to evolution. Just like when somebody gets caught red handed they try to place the blame somewhere else. But I know why you can't answer the questions because there is not answer. Evolution is a joke. It's just something people use to fool themselves into believing they don't have to answer to God. I also noticed how you claimed that there were 300 contridictions in the Bible and didn't name a single one of them. I'm still waiting on those.

    But see that's the difference in real Christians and every single person I've ever met that believes in evolution. Ever evolutionist I met who have grabbed a hold on this pathetic theory has not been willing to answer any of the major wholes in evolution. They won't even try. Instead they cast pointless and baseless accusations at creationist and the Bible. Believing in evolution is like saying Star Wars is real.

    And as for your little story about the baby, why do you blame that on God? God is not responsible for suffering and heartache in this world we are. His will isn't for us to suffer. But see that's where you non believers stop reading. You only read about God and his grace. You only read about how God is mercyfull. And while that may be true he's also just. It's funny how most of you believe in Karma, what goes around comes around. But yet you don't take the time to understand it. Sometimes things happen to children as a result of what their parents did. If you read the Bible and trully study it you'll understand this. Your actions don't just effect you. They effect every aspect of your life, children included. Second of all why don't you study more about the master you choose to follow. The devil. I mean doesn't it make more sense that the prince of darkness, is responsible for the tragedies of this earth. You willingly follow the devil and obey him and when bad things happen you want to blame God. But see i don't expect you to understand this now. Maybe one day you will and for your sake I hope you do. But looking at God through human logic is a 100% recipe for diseaster. You will get it wrong every time. And thats why I don't expect you to understand why people suffer. But just no it's not God's fault. He owes us nothing. By his standard we should all be dead. Me included.

  • To all of you people commenting on this post:


  • #1 here -
    Well said #2!

    #14 - Please go back and read where I recanted and said I don't need proof... but let's put that aside and continue,
    I'm not trying to convince you to change your beliefs, just trying to understand them.
    You say "The Bible is proof."
    The Bible was written by over 40 different people. There are more than 300 direct contradictions within it. Other writings with that many errors are cast aside as nonsense.

    If the Bible has remained completely unchanged, why are there so many different versions of it? Theologians argue that even slight changes in text produce profound differences in meaning.

    The Bible is also, by far, the most stolen book.
    A Cardinal Sin, damning you banishment from Heaven forever and always. Ironic, isn't it?

    "And as far Scientist being convinced about life outside earth is irrelevant. Who cares if they are convinced. It's all theory. "
    "Oh and about traveling to Mars. It would be just as useless to the human society as our travel to the moon. "
    You brought it up first.
    I still hold that Religion is a theory too.

    Medical advances go far beyond overpriced pharmaceuticals. Brain surgury, limb reattachments, conjoined twin separations, etc...

    As for morals, I am not a liar, nor am I two-faced. Having s** before marriage is not illegal. Niether is abortion. The Jews, (who most would agree are some of the worlds most pious) believe that life does not begin until the first breath is taken. I do too.

    My faith in evolution is every bit as steadfast as your faith in God. (This puts us dangerously close to the proof issue again)
    Sure, you can poke holes, but let's not overlook the gaps left in your theories.

    As to the house analogy (correct me if I'm wrong),
    A baby is born with a horrible, painful, disfiguring disease and lingers in the ICU for months before finally dying... and you say, "It was God's will."
    God wanted that child to suffer?!? That was your God's will?!?

  • #1 This is #2,

    I'll take a guiness but sure!

    Exodus 21 verse 7,
    Are you okay if someone sells their daughter into slavery? The bible says its okay, therefore it is an okay moral choice.

    I'm not going to mock you, but I want to know, do you advocate that women who kiss women should be put to death? Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Saul say something like that?

    Morality, according to the bible is not subjective, you are supposed to follow each and every thing like it says, correct?

    Then I challenge you, verse for verse, follow every law of the bible, because God's law supersedes man's law, correct? Acts 5, verse 29.

    The Bible has been rewritten and translated so many times, unless you can find the original scripts, you can't guarantee there hasn't been just a little bit of meddling.

    I recently had a tract handed to me by a group called axetotheroot.com, a group you may enjoy looking into, they are a very moral group, very spiritually based. A more joyful group of christians you will never meet! (sarcasm, they almost act like they enjoy the concept of judgment.)

    I will agree with you about evolution not being proven, adaptation though has, I think a God who would create life, would create life capable of being strong enough to survive catastrophe.

    We know there is water outside of Earth's atmosphere, Mars has ice caps. I agree with you though, unless we could completely terraform the landscape, its kinda pointless to send anything there.

    Morality in the bible is stern, strict, uncompromising. I am not saying you are wrong to follow it, if you believe it is right, what I am saying is if you believe it is all God's word and command, you have to follow it word for word, no compromising, no saying "But thats illegal!", because to say that means you place man's law above God.

  • I agree the house analogy is a stupid analogy.

  • To the above commenter this is #14.

    first of all people who believe in evolution believe in a totally unproven and impossible concept. Their dating systems are wrong for one. The earth isn't billions of years old. It's only thousands of years old. And second where are the millions and millions of missing links that should be lying around this planet? Come on dinosaurs, according to evolution, lived millions of years before man and we have their fossils and remains. How is it that we don't have the remains of transition apes? To be sure not all the species going through the transformation finished and became human. Also explain why evolution is not still taking place being that there are both apes and humans still alive. How is it that apes survived, humans survived but the transitional forms have no remains or living representatives. And that's just the tip of the iceberg of unanswered questions that evolution will never answer. If this earth last another 200 years people will look back on this era and call evolution the best magic trick ever. But Christians on the other hand have tons of proof that God and Jesus Christ exists. First of all the Bible itself is proof. Through out history many literary works have been distroyed and wiped out, with the only proof that it ever existed being references to it by other writers. But the Bible was written by over 40 different authors over a span of 4000 years and it falls perfectly in line from start to finish. Our US Constitution has only been around for a couple hundred of years and the one we have today would be unrecognizeable by the original authors. But if the original writers of the Bible read it today they would easily recongnize it. Another point is that the dislike for the Bible and Christianity is nothing new. It's been going on since Christ ministry began and dispite all the attempts of the worlds most powerful governments to destroy it and it's influence it's still alive and well. Not to mention the Bible is by far the best selling book ever. The Bible has been printed, translated, and sold more than any other book ever 20 times over. And these are just facts about the Book itself. Not to mention there's not one known scientific fact that contridict the Bible, and with every new archeological discovery the Bible is being proven to be true. I also didn't mention the many different scientific facts that are mentioned in the Bible (radio wave, ocean currents, the hydrolic cycle, medical knowledge about the human defense system and the blood stream, plate techtonics). I could go on and on about all the different proof we Christians have that God exist. We Christians have faith that God will handle the problems we face in life and that if we follow him the we will get an eternal reward in heaven. But we don't have faith that he exist. We know he exist without a doubt.

    And as far Scientist being convinced about life outside earth is irrelevant. Who cares if they are convinced. It's all theory. And going by your atheist belief if you don't have proof then it doesn't exist. And they don't have not even the smallest amount of proof that water exist outside of earth much less actual life. And once again the Bible tells us that life doesn't exist outside of earth.

    As for them being able to cure a bunch of other illnesses with the human body explain why every medical drug that's out on the market has more side effects than the actual problem it's supposed to cure. You can take a pill for one thing but it has the possibility to give you 4 other problems and the possibillity of death. That's because we really don't understand half of the concepts pertaining to the human body. Our advances are minor. And the little that we do know God has revealed to us simply so we don't become extinct.

    As for non believers having morals there's a lot more to having morals than not stealing or raping or killing at will. It also pertains to not lying or being two faced. Not having s** before marraige, not having abortions, not enjoying two beautiful women kissing each other. See that's the problem, we as humans tend to only equate what we want to as moral and what we want to as not moral. For instance a child molestor is a immoral person but a person who gets drunk and sleeps with some woman the first night he meets her is just acting normal. I say we because we are all guilty of this in one form or another. But the Bible is clear and unchanging in what is moral and what isn't and that's what turns people off to the whole concept of God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit.

    Oh and about traveling to Mars. It would be just as useless to the human society as our travel to the moon. That money can be much better spent on earth.

  • 1st commenter here...
    #2 - I'm still agreeing with you. I'd love to buy you a beer and talk about ... whatever! But, boy! You sure make it hard to like you. LOL

    If you want... I'll take that bet. ; )
    (Yes. of course I've been wrong before)

    #14 - Where do I even start?
    Yes, the common cold eludes us, but what of the thousands of other amazing medical advances man has made?
    Non-believers have no morals? Really? I don't steal, rape or kill at will.
    Who says the only planet fit for life is Earth? Scientists are convinced that there are thousands of others capable of sustaining life.
    No, we can't travel to Mars... yet.
    "...people who believe in evolution need more faith than those who believe in God."
    Please explain.

    @ #2 again - Yes, this IS getting fun. : )

  • ^You are annoying. . . why do you care so much what anyone else believes anyway? I think it is ignorant to shut out any other belief because there is no proof backing it up. There are plenty of unexplainable things that people (like athiests) make up reasons for. . .it is just stupid to believe that nothing can be true unless proven. . .you have your opinions, I have mine.

  • ^No, genius it has to do with not needing logic for everything.
    Something tells me you read your bible like you read these posts, so you can make it say what you want it to say.

  • ^Having faith in God cannot be compared to the house thing. That is a stupid analogy.

  • ^^Okay, I defended the Christians first, now I'll defend the Atheists. If you don't need a logical reason for everything, tell you what, sell your home and send the money to me, I mean really, after all there's no logical reason for it, you should just do it.
    See faith is an amazing thing, however there are some people who just need to know, they need all the facts. Atheists and Skeptics aren't ignorant, they demand proof, and whats wrong with that?
    You are the typical narrowminded Christian who probably has chased more people away from your religion, and I applaud your unbreakable faith, but maybe having a little faith in a spellchecker might help too.

  • If you want proof of God existing that's easy. Just look around. For every one thing that we know of as human beings there are like 100 other things that we don't know or understand. For as long as we have studied the human body we can't even cure the common cold because we just don't know enough. And probably never will. The only reason people tend to not believe in God is because of His moral code and the way he requires that we live our lives. The human being is naturally evil that's why it's so easy to do the wrong thing. I think to you have the right to choose what you believe in but the problem with that is our beliefs cover the facts or make us disregard the facts and that's where the conflict lies. But really if there wasn't a God or a supernatural being, whatever name you want to call him, how did we get here and how is it that this earth is the only place in the universe fit for human life. Why is it that we can't travel to Mars, let alone Jupiter or even pluto. There's no way everything just simply fell into place on earth by chance. The millions and millions of complex systems that are set in place and have purpose and meaning could not have just happened by chance or evolution. Besides people who believe in evolution need more faith than those who believe in God.

  • ^ but that post makes you hypocritical.

  • Why does something need to be proven in order to be believed? Having faith in something doesn't make you gullable or stupid, whether it is religion or anything else. I do not need soemone to "prove" the existence of God to believe, and I think that humans who need a logical reason for everything are just ignorant.

  • ^LOL Don't get used to it!

  • Wow some intelligent people speaking.
    This is a first on this website.
    It makes me happy.

  • ^ aww whats the matter atheists, can't get along?

  • ^Where do you get I believe? I was just defending the other side because I hate anyone sounding like they have absolute answers on anything.
    "To be fair, I could require millions of miracles. But I don't need that. MY mind is still open to possibilities."
    Your arguments are very condescending, much like the Christians who argue about the existence of God. Yes you are very open minded, good for you! You just need to tell everyone you are much more open minded than everyone else.
    You are right, I've met a lot of Christians who have almost wanted to burn me at the stake, but I've met as many Atheists who will stand around and mock Christians about the existence of God.
    I know you won't apologize, I am almost willing to bet you've never been wrong a day in your life.
    I know how this conversation will continue, you will point out my faulty logic, I will return the favor, you will point out what I said that was wrong, once again I will return the favor to you. Oh well, lets have fun.

  • If you read my post again, you'll see the part where I said "I couldn't agree with you more about the zealots".
    Relax... take a breath. It wasn't an attack on you. I agree with you on that point. No apology forthcoming.

    I'm not trying to convince you. Anybody can see that you won't be convinced of anything but what you already believe.
    No problem. Go with it.
    I'm not telling you what to believe and to be honest, I even take back what I said about proving God exists. If proof shows up, I can go with that.

    The main thing I was saying is, Christians seem to instantly go into a fit when God is questioned, yet non-believers are confronted by stuff we don't believe ALL THE TIME.

    To be fair, I could require millions of miracles. But I don't need that. MY mind is still open to possibilities.

  • ^^ umm I really didn't quote scripture, and I wasn't fighting for or against either side, I was saying both sides are annoying.
    I was simply saying it is not the responsibility of the Christian to prove to the atheist the existence of a deity, any more than an atheist should have to prove a deity doesn't exist.
    I realize you didn't read my post carefully, its fine, you wanted to give your big speech and any target would do.
    When someone says "Both sides" "Either side" "None of you" these are terms that encompass everyone involved, not simply one side or the other. You can apologize now.

  • ^ Just a small correction, the millions of missing links.

  • ^^ #2 You prove my point perfectly. I too am sick of being told at every turn, "In God We Trust".

    Religion, for the most part, is a pretty good thing. It's teachings and tenets are very wholesome. Most people do very well with it.
    I couldn't agree with you more about the zealots, though.
    Raising your voice and quoting scripture isn't going to convince me of anything.

    I am not a zealot. I AM open minded.
    The point was (to spell it out), if God is proven to exist, I'll believe.
    If the "Missing Link" is found, would you abandon the Church?
    Or would you find a way to make it God's creation?

  • My mom once told me about a class she had in college about evolution. It was taught by a nun. Even though I don't think she believed in evolution, she was open-minded enough to learn and teach about it for a living. She supported an alternative belief, unparallel to her own.

    Yes, we can all get along. It just takes people like that nun to get us to that point.

    Though I believe in God, I have many friends who dont. I bring up religion as often as possible, because I am curious to know their beliefs and why they believe what they do. I find it incredibly interesting.

    I don't think people should hate others because of their religious beliefs or lack there of. But though honestly it will take a very long time before we reach the point of all getting along, there are a lot of people who are already making that step forward. We just have to wait for other people to catch up.

  • ^Prove God doesn't exist, genius. See Atheists and Christians have every right to believe what they want, the problem is the zealots on both sides, no one else. Don't scream scientific fact, and I mean either side! None of you can prove s*** either way.I'm so sick of people being told they can't believe what they want by someone else, for any reason.

  • Because we are constantly assaulted by your faith and references to your God. Watch the evening news and count how many times religion or God is mentioned - even in a simple comment. And then count how many times someone says there is no God.

    Take God back out of my Pledge of Allegience. He wasn't in it when it was written and I find it offensive.
    This country was not started so we could all worship your God, this country was started so we could all follow our own beliefs.

    Please stop saying "Evolution is only a theory".
    So is your God.

    Please stop saying, "We'll pray for you."
    What would you think if we said, "We're very glad that nothing will happen to you when you die."?

    I am not close-minded.
    Prove that God exists and I will sit next to you on Sunday.

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