Im a pathological liar and a freak

I lie to everyone i meet, about my life, my past, my activities but it makes them like me more, i know they would still like me if i had been 100% honest though. i dont know exactly why i keeep on lying, i even keep having online relationships with men, im cute and hot but a little overweight, but still hot enough and nice enough to make about 5 guys propose to me. ive said to this one guy that i love him and we are kind of engaged even though i know we will never marry, we live in different countries for gods sake. i think i do it to make myself feel better about myself, as an ego boost. im also kind of a s*** in real life too, ive only had s** with one guy, but ive cheated on him (kissed my ex which he knew about, and also sucked off a friend of mine). i have the kiniest fantasies ever, im into pretty much everything but playing with s***. im such a freak but i feel normal and people think im normal too. im too scared to go to a therapist. im a nice person and i love being with people... im just so f***** up i dont know why...haha ironic that i want to be an advice columnist, but im good at giving advice to people who will listen.. oh and by the way im only 16 :/

Jul 1, 2013

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  • At least you are admitting that you lie, my step son is a pathological liar and he doesn't admit to it...he knows he is and when he gets caught he knows because sometimes he just says "yeah i know" or "i dont know why i lie" but he does it constantly and franlky i was brought up the opposite, i told the truth no matter what because people will respect you more if you are truly honest.

    the first step is admitting it and that is good.

  • I dont know why i lie either, but recently ive been doing it less and less and it feels sooooo good!
    The thing is with my lying nobody can tell when im lying which doesnt prevent me from doing it more, but ive just had more will power recently because i want to change, although its hard and a long process i think i will get there eventually. so just thank you for your reply xx

  • Nothing wrong with having fantasies, even really kinky ones. Also nothing wrong with not being normal. There is something wrong with cheating on your partner, though. Liking s** is not bad, it doesn't make you a "s***", but don't cheat on people, that's f***** up. If you're with somebody, but you want to f*** somebody else, ask the first person's permission. Sometimes they'll be ok with it. Imagine that! I can't speak to the pathological lying, though. People tend to figure that kind of thing out. I would advise curbing it if you want to have friends that stick around.

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