I regret it...

I am going into high school this year. So u can guess about how old I am.
While in middle school, I had my first "relationship". I put the quotations because I don't really believe in relationships at that age. However, I went out with a guy with a very bad influence and I regret all of it. We went out the first time in seventh grade and he kept asking me for pictures and to feel me up and stuff. I refused to send him nude pictures. But, stupidly, I let him feel me up. We later broke up cuz he made out with some other person. And then in eighth grade, I decided to give him another chance. He started asking for pics again and stuff like that. But he would kind of threatening me by like saying "if you don't do ____, then ill never talk to you again". And stuff like that. But the main point is, I did something I am not proud of- I ended up giving him like a handjob through his shorts- but I immediately broke up with him afterwards because I just felt so disgusted with myself and him.
Now for the advice part-
I've only told a few of my friends about it. And I'm assuming that some other know somehow because its middle school.
But, I want to know if I am now like basically a "w****".
And if I should tell my parents about it.
I just feel so grossed out and regretful about it and I dont know who to talk to about it


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  • Not a w**** by far. You exposed yourself to some complicated adult situations. You dont bring upon yourself this adult drama at your age. Its painful and comPlicated Here is adult advice.... You fell down. You made a bad choice like all of us have and do. No big deal. Put it in your mind as alearning experience. Now, take it as your wake up call to be very very very picky and careful on who gets your love as well as who deserves you. You dont give yourself to anyone until you know that person is serious with you and to know that you have to concider two things

    How long they have been with you. It should be a long time. Not weeks
    And the fact that most boys your age and up to 25. +- 3 years, are looking for sexual experiences. Nothing more. Fun at your expense. Brush yourself off and move on like yesterday does'nt exist but only as a lesson. GL

  • Ignore the a*******. Anonymity makes people bold, like drunkenness. You're not a w****. Sexual activity is not wrong, ignore what your society has tried to teach you. That guy was not good to you, manipulating you like that, but you were both children and maybe he has grown up to regret it himself. Don't be ashamed of what happened, even if you willingly took part. You were little, and nothing you did was wrong, I promise. You don't need to tell your parents, especially if you think they will judge you harshly. It's not any of their business. It's alright, just move on with your life and only get involved with people that you trust, not people that you think will be bad to you.

  • You're not a w****. You sound like a smart girl, so listen to your own intuition nexttime. Don't do things with boys unless you're ready. And definitely don't do things with boys that threaten you that they won't talk to you or whatever. There is no race to do things or lose your virginity. Anyone who says otherwise, is not your friend. You don't have to kiss and tell. What you do is no one's business but your own. You don't need to tell your parents, unless you want to. And do so, especially if you have questions about s** and feel comfortable talking with them. Or find someone you can talk to. Even your doctor could be helpful. They are bound to doctor/patient confidentiality. Think you have punished yourself enough and have learned your lesson. Take a deep breath, chalk it up to teenage curiosity and move on. If you are still not able to work this out, write your feelings in a journal or ask to talk with a therapist. Just to have someone other than your friends or family to talk to. In the future, just be safe and smart.

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