Drunk n kissed my Aunt!

Even though she's younger than me, she's my aunt in the family tree. My grandpa's brother's daughter. We were like partners in crime, drink buddies n best friends. She's the type of girl who can be a sexy girlish hottie and a tomboyish girl who plays video games with ur guy friends. She's realy popular with the guys. One night we were drinking at her house n i got realy wasted. Now i remember this in bits n blurry scenes. Kinda like when u r realy high but still remember what u r doing. Out of nowhere n i dont know why..I planted a kiss on her cheeks playfully, then next moment i started kissing her on the lips(one explanation was that i probably thought she was my gf). She didnt stop me. Next thing i remember i was once again kissing her in another room(dont know how i got there). It was light strokes at first. Then i couldnt help smooching her. Her eyes were dreamy n her expression so arousing. I put my hands around her neck. She slowly moved away but i pulled her close to me. Then she kissed me back. I can tell she liked it but she knew it was wrong. So she sobered up i guess n led me to the bed. We slept together(only sleep) n i felt her fingers caressing my hair softly as i began to fall asleep. The next morning i got up first n she was still sleeping. Then it all came back to me, i felt awfull n went home without waking her. I cursed myself n thought she'll never want to see me again. But later that day, she texted me saying why i left without a word. She didnt mention my stupid act the night before. We got together that afternoon. We never spoke about that incident though i wanted to bring it up n apologise to her. Surprisingly, it brought us closer but not in a sexual way. Sometimes she teases me saying that we behave like lovers n soulmates. Today we are still in touch n share each other's troubles n happy times. She has a bf n i have a gf whom i love so much. I've never told this to anyone except my best friend.


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  • I had a simular problem. My aunt is very short but handsome. She's much older than me. In the time, when I was 15 I always lifted her up a bit, when we said hello. Once I lifted her a few seconds longer and gave her a kiss on her lips. We kissed each other about 1 minute. It was only this 1 time. Since this time it's alwas a total strange feeling when I see my aunt. We never talked about it.

  • How many times are you gonna post bullshit on here? I've counted three...all most likely false. A tip for you. Try using english. As in "n" dosen't equal "and". UR dosen't equal "you are". I hate you lazy mouthed kids. Plus, you are a moron.

  • So go for it. You should be okay. You write like you're already inbred.

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