I might be gay...

I'm almost 19 and I 've always felt attracted to other women, even as a little girl. Even my ex-boyfriends would admit that they thought I might be a little gay. I don't like people as a whole but I realized I hate men more than I thought possible. Every time someone mentions me dating a guy I cringe at the thought. I turn men down without even thinking of it and I can't see myself spending my life as some guy's little wife. But the hard part is that I'm a Christian and you know how that is. And my family is pretty much against homosexuality that's in our family, in fact no one in my family was ever gay! Some of my friends are against it too since That's how they were raised to think. I just can't help the fact .not attracted to men anymore, I've been lied to and hurt way to many times romantically by them and by those in my family ad by some friends. And they all act the same too and are just so dense!


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  • There are many women whom never marry and have private relationships and live in a normal community . People do not fret over homosexuality as much as you think , but they do fret over the disrespect that others have . If someone is gay , simply keep it to your self , or have a bi sexual relationship . If you hate men you probably will never want to marry one . But don't disrespect your parents . Simply keep your life to yourself . I am Bi sexual , but I am also very selective for obvious reasons . S** is s**, an o***** is an o***** , both men and women can be sweet and nice and respectful , your looking at an excuse , you do not need one , simply keep your private life private . I enjoy eating p**** as much as I do sucking a sweet c*** , My wife is bi-sexual also , we have selective partners and couples that are the same as we are . But we keep it private . I love my wife dearly and will never leave her , I respect and admire her < I make much more money than she does . I even enjoy watching my wife enjoy my male friend , but when it is over it is over and we go back home . We have done this for years and have had lots of fun . Keep it private

  • You know the book of the Bible where it condemns homosexuality? Leviticus. It's right next to the part about not eating shellfish or wearing garments made of two different cloths. So much for Red Lobster and those cotton/polyester blends, huh?

  • You could very well be gay or you could be bi. And you say that no one in your family is gay. Maybe it's no one in your family has come out. Maybe you should move away from home to somewhere where there is a large gay community and see how you feel. If you are, come out when you are confident. At some point, your family and friends should love and support you regardless of who you love.

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