Almost saw a girl get **

When I was in high school my cousins were trying to get me into the whole gang banger scene and I'm kinda glad that didn't work out.

At a party Some girl started mouthing off to one of the dudes that was getting sexually aggressive with her. Its like an unspoken but well understood code that you don't insult a gang banger. He started hitting her and at first I just thought she was getting beat up but it kept going and going and no one would do anything about. Her face was bleeding supine with him ontop of her just beating her. It happened so fast.

It looked like it was about to end when some ** in the crowd started shouting and egging him on to "** show her whats up". She was was crying trying to block her face but he's straddled her arms. begging him or some one to get him off her. I'm looking around to see if some one reasonable will suggest maby she's had enough and I sheepishly suggest it myself. "Its cool bro you got her. you got her, the ** is almost out cold throw her ** out on the curb.". I get a lot of harsh stares and I swear I hear some yelling words to the effect "How about you kick the ** out". By this time the girls breast are on display as her nose bleed top is being passed around guys being waved around like a victory flag.

I wasn't strong enough and was too scared, and too smart to try to save her. If you ever hear a woman fighting for her life don't make the mistake I did cause you'll hear those sounds for the rest of your life. I cowardly exit the party and call the police. The response rate was only around 4 minutes so I don't think they got that far. No one was caught cause once they heard the police sirens ** like roaches the all scattered. I'm hideing in a neighbors yard watching. The police know the call was real as they see all the beer cans scattered in the yard.

They figured it was me that called the police but my cousins back me up when I swear it wasnt me. But I think every one knows. The beat up girl's sister approached me later to make a statement (Not sure how she knew I was there). I didn't say nothing. The sister was upset and won't even tell me if he girls alright or not. (Like I was wondering if she was ** or not). At this point I feel hostile towards the sister like I took a risk calling the police for her little sister but I'm being treated like I'm not a man for not coming forward with Identifying the attacker.

This was back in the late 90s.

Next Confession

I walked out without paying

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  • You hang around with lowlife scum then don't be surprised when they act like it.

  • There actions don't surprise me. You've missed the point of my post.

  • Sounds like coming forward as a witness would have been hazardous to your health. You did the best you could and your actions no doubt spared the girl a lot of pain and suffering, take comfort in that.

  • At least you did something and maybe saved her.

  • Further more any guy who smacks around a woman is a piece of **.

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