My mom's cousin's daughter

I put this in love cause i thought a lot of people would read it, and post advice for me, but, really, it's love/relationship/religion.

Over the summer, I went with my family (note, my entire family, and extended family, are devout christians [presbyterian]) on a cross country trip, and on or way back, we decided to stop through my Mother's Cousin's house. I figured I was only going to small talk, hang out with her kid's, who I haven't seen since I was five (maybe younger) and be on my merry way. And then, when we got there, the first person I saw was her daughter, who was 2 or 3 years younger than me. She was a wholesome, down to earth kind of beautiful, but seemed really distant, so I thought she just didn't like us.

Later that night, my Mom's Cousin said me and a few other visiting kids could swim in her pool, but it was a small amount, so I figured it wouldn't easily get crowded. So my Mom's cousin - let's just call her Jill - told the same beautiful girl who greeted us at the door to show me where i could change into my swimsuit. So she led me, and we had a bit of small talk on the way up, then I did my changing, and headed out to the pool. A few minutes later, she popped up at the pool, and hopped in with all the other kids and me. All the kids played sharks and minnows, tag, marco polo, all the fun pool games. I noticed that after we had a little conversation between games, she wouldn't stop tagging me and smiling at me. The conversation of course, was wonderful. I couldn't help but start to see just how beautiful she really was. Most kids her age would be a trashy s***, who wears 10 pounds of mascara, blush, and lipstick, but this girl, she laughed, and smiled, and had not the slightest trace of make-up on, and best of all, loved playing games, which is a plus! I know this sounds dumb, but suddenly, I harbored a major crush on my Mom's Cousin's daughter, and I still do, but being in a devout presbyterian family, i don't know what anyone would think in my family if they found out, I needs advice.

Jul 28, 2013

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  • Idk i met my 3rd cousin a few months ago and he is hot

  • Why would anyone in your family think its wrong? Your mom's cousin daughter is your 2nd cousin. There is nothing wrong with that and it is perfectly legal. Genetically you have no more in common with a 2nd cousin than with anyone you might meet on the street. Talk to your family. Tell them how serious you are and that there is nothing wrong with it.

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