I love him! NOT his teenage daughter!

My boyfriend is so great, I've waited 35 years to find someone so good. The problem is his teenage daughter. We've been together almost a year, she lived w/ her mom when we met & has just moved back in w/ him b/c it's "so bad @ her mom's house" they make her help w/ her 2 younger sisters & she can't get along w/ her stepdad (red flag, I don't think this kid can cut it anywhere, does nothing and acts like she's the adult). I had a good idea the only reason she wanted to move here is b/c she thought she wouldn't have to do anything. WRONG, especially if I have anything 2 do with it. She flunked all 4 semesters @ school last year, my bf paid 4 her 2 go to summer school, she flunked that 2, yet somehow she was able to go to the next grade in this district. Sure enough she told him "she thought moving here would be easier". We are currently paying for 2 separate houses until she turns 18, it makes sense financially to move in 2gether & we even looked @ a house I was put off right then when she told me that she wouldn't have an inside cat if I didn't want her to. Living 2gether then finding out the kid is a spawn of Satan himself has ruined 1 of my relationships in the past & I can't do it again. I lost alot with that 1 & it put me through ALOT. This girl is overweight, she eats more than my bf & I combined then asks for my 8 year olds leftovers 2 she would eat the walls of the house if she could. She's lazy & won't get her ass off the couch to do anything unless told to then bitches about it. She's not really interested in doing ANYTHING besides sitting on her phone 24 hours a day. She's rude, constantly loud, obnoxious & annoying. She's a bad influence on my 8yo. She comes 2 my house, tries to push me off my couch &/or always has 2 lay down & leaves no room for other people 2 sit down, she eats the whole container of something out of my refrigerator, she takes a shower here, uses my towel & my razor, i always take my razor out of my shower out of my house if she comes over, i think after being told 30 times she finally understands she needs 2 get her own towel. won't throw away her mess after dinner or hang up the wet towel after shower. I don't think she washes her hands after using the bathroom, she's the only one who won't use hand sanitizer after we've all gone out somewhere. I saw her picking the dirt from under her toenails eating it. I'm a bit of a germophobe. Her mom is worthless & left her when she was a baby & reappeared in her life later. They're gross 2. 2 many animals in their house I hear. She had lice & was 2 lazy to even get rid of them, asking ugh do I have to do this? @ 14 1/2 she's incompetent & can't even do her own homework, he has 2 help her with it everyday. This person is going to be an adult in 3 1/2 years??? My bf & I both had jobs at 14 & were both out of the home before 18, I'm good, he's good, my daughter is good. His daughter not so much & doesn't really fit here. I don't know how something so crappy could come from someone who is so good. I don't like alot of her behavior, mannerisms or lack there of. I told him I would wait 4 him and we've both decided maybe it's best to wait to further the relationship until she's grown/gone. She's already set in her ways, @ no point will I be the one living in HER house. She's the kid!I've paid my dues in life & it's finally my turn to have someone & something. We can't even get rid of her on the weekends, she won't go to her mom's & stay there, if her mom even takes her anywhere she always brings her right back. She's made no friends at this new school so not like she will be going with friends or staying the night there, no extended family so that's out. I told him I see it being a problem if we were to live together. I don't want it & we cant be together because of her. At this rate I see it being unlikely her moving on or out even at 18. These kind of patterns suggest she will be a lazy worthless adult 2. I've seen that with some of my own family members. Her being in the way is turning me off the relationship, I'm stepping back. He's doing everything he can, he really is great. I think maybe he would rather be with me than stuck w/ her dumbass too, maybe he realizes it was a mistake bringing her back here to live too late after the fact, she's here the whole school year @ least. He has full custody of her & her mom is only even able to see her at his discretion, troubled past there & she's got mental issues because of what happened with all that. I'm afraid this isn't going to get better & maybe we will never get rid of her & I don'tknow if i can stay on the back burner for another 3 1/2 yrs. I don't like her & am always holding my breath when he pulls up in my driveway hoping she isn't in the car with him

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