I only gave him my virginity because I

I only gave him my virginity because I thought it would make him stick around. But I only ended up hurting the both of us. And now I can't stop crying and I'm a tad bit curious about suicide. *I doubt I would do it, though*

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  • Tell all these little girls on this site who are trying to lose their virginity!

  • We always regret that! I think for most girls, they are not prepared for the feelings that come into play when s** is involved. These feelings are always going to be present when it comes to physical relationships, but your first is always the hardest to get over. I feel for you! Hang in there!

  • kill him instead.

  • W**** !!

  • no ur not a w**** u just made a mistake.

  • i'm not a w****...i messed up one time, i won't do it again...

  • Don't listen to these commentators...
    You should def seek more men to have s** with and also have them introduce you to some a***.
    It doesn't hurt at all and you def keep him around much longer trust me on that.

  • I think thats its good that u value ur virginity- or what used to be ur virginity. U cant change wats already happened but u can change what u do in the present and future. I recommend u not have s** with someone just because u want them to stay they should respect that, ever if SOME guys are just plain d****.

  • wow...that was disrespectful

  • Get over it b**** !
    go get some more c*** !

  • I lost my virginity by sexual abuse.

  • wow...i need to get over it big time...thank you guys.

  • I refused to loose my virginity to someone because I wanted to have s** with a virgin for the first time, so that i didn't "suck" and we would be on the same page. I'm still a virgin (3 months on from the separation) and wonder what could have been. One of my biggest regrets. I often wonder if not knowing is worse than regret...

  • Only suicide is more stupid than being stupid in the first place. Making mistakes is a part of life. Get used to it and enjoy the moments when you don't s**** up which is more often that s******* up. Just remember to learn from those mistakes.

  • I lost my virginity in a not so wholesome way either. Many of us have. It's definitely traumatizing to give it away especially when you are expecting that someone will love you in return. You'll recover though. Learn from your mistakes. You will be a better person for it.

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