I have a terminal illness

I have a terminal illness

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Who else is here in2019??!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜

    Not the OP I'm guessing!!

  • I wish the O.P. would elaborate a little...

  • WOW touchy, touchy here LOL
    Are you upset?
    Need a hug?

    F** Alert!

  • and its called a typo u dumbass.

  • yet ur still more moronic than me

  • ยป To last commenter- If only u realized how stuopid u sound.

    Dude please learn how to spell before you call people stupid, dumbass lol

  • No buddy F*** you!!
    This waste of human s*** should strap a bomb to himself and run towards a class of kindergarteners...
    If your gonna go out, go out with a bang!

  • i am sorry!i hope you done all or most of the things you want to do in life god bless u we all going the same way!and for the idiot f*** u and your stupid comments!

  • To last commenter- If only u realized how stuopid u sound.

    F*** your terminal illness !!
    All this whiny crying " Who says that to a person with terminal illness, what happened to you " HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA
    F****** f**!!
    Theres no space in the world for f****** cry babies and worthless sacks of putrid pieces of s*** humans just taking space!
    Only the strong survive and its the way of the world!!
    Too bad your going that way, terminal illness.... blah!!
    Please consider suicide and make it quick and pleasurable, better yet put it on the web so that i can enjoy your pain!

  • To the above commenter, I'm sorry that you have to live with yourself. It's too bad that we normal decent people have to live with you.

    Who says those kinds of things to a person who has a terminal illness? What happened to you? Wait, I know, and I'm sorry that it happened to you, but you can't be passing on the hate like that. Human beings are meant for more than hate and anger. I hope you can change.

  • And so what !?
    Heres a idea how about you stop whining and shove you head inside a toilet bowl and slam the toilet seat over your head 2 dozen times maybe it'll help you with you little terminal illness..

  • I will pray for u too.

  • I'm sorry. To conquer death you only have to die. There is life after death. I am convinced of this. i will pray for you now...you pray for me later. Ok?

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