Leaving the Jehovah Witness cult

I never felt better in my life after getting out of this horrible religion. Its like recovering from a long illness. The illness of insanity.

I celebrate the holidays now, Christmas, my birthday and I now salute the flag and say the pledge of aligence to the flag. I now have friends outside the faith and I plan to go to college.

I had to give up a few relatives including my mother but that's her problem not mine.

If you're in this cult wise up and get out.

Mar 22

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  • Me and my family left in july, I don't regret it. They stuck up for a very very vile man, and pushed my whole family away for trying to stand against him. Good luck man, the feeling of relief is amazing

  • They like to tell you how to live your life and for some people they want this in there lives to be told how to dress and what to do and when to do it.
    They would never like me because in a bit of a rebel I wear panties and I'm a guy, so I do not think they would like me..LOL....

  • Don't celebrate birthdays ,because if you do you might celebrate christs birthday .and satan hates that .

  • Congratulations, I am sorry for your mother but I am happy for you. May your life be a good one.

  • I just like how the ladies dress up and wear pantyhose a lot. Beyond that it’s Meh 😒

  • Yeah seeing the nice looking ladies in heels and pantyhose is exciting.

  • I’m glad I never joined this Cult, getting told that Jesus actually returned in World War 1, is just ridiculous, and getting told how to Dress up. Do I look like I own a Mansion or a Ferrari. And do I look like somebody who needs a Overseer telling me how to live my Life. Nope I hated the JW cult. I’m glad I never went back.

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