Im a 37yo male and today i met a very

Im a 37yo male and today i met a very young girl i cant put out of my head, shes WAY too young to be legal, maybe 12, but she was wearing a very revealing bikini and i couldnt help but let my mind wander to where it should not be.

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  • Look all you want..Today's early teens do look better, and older, than ever..BUT... Keep it all in yourself, do not lay a finger on her, talk to her, or take things any hint of further. Unless you want a new pal named Bubba who'll use your a*** cavity like his personal playland.

  • That is fine but if you touch her inappropriately you will ruin both your lives. Even if you never get caught she will have those memories for ever. Fantasize all you want but HANDS OFF

  • Kill yourself!

  • Hey! Come on in, I made some sweet tea!

  • Back away from the 12 year old sexpot!!

  • sick f***** I guess your to lame to get one your own age.Potential child molester and serial killer.Get some f****** help before you turn into those two things and then get butt f***** for the rest of your life when you get caught.

  • MMMMM i like'em young, tight, naive
    and nervous ...

  • Stop. Drop. And take a f***** cold shower. If you do something to her, you WILL be found out, and that will haunt you on your recors for the rest of your freaking likfe, all because of a little girl and your weirdo pedofile thoughts.

  • Take her to your place and introduce her to beastliality..
    Ever ssen what a pit bull can do to a 12yr old c***?
    Its amazing!

  • Please dont do anything bad. It may be really, really hard but u gotta control urself.

  • Hey you should ask her if she likes ice cream and take her for a ride somewhere dark and show her what being a big daddy is all about....

  • You can let your mind wander all it wants. Just don't let Mr Friendly go there too!

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