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Men have a source of joy as big as the ocean, and it's called Internet pronography, in these times when men are losing their interest in s**, especially within relationships like marriage, many women I am sure haven't had an o***** during s** for a while,

Girls how do you feel about it, are you angry fed up frustrated, do you feel like cheating and what do you think should be done about it, this is the most important topic that needs a solution before the whole system of ours comes to collapse.

Aug 8, 2013

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  • I agree this is such an important issue. I've been with my fiancé for 10 years and in the beginning of course he watched p***, of course I voiced my displeasure at him doing so. When we moved out together he started hiding it from me, truthfully I could accept that he was watching it if it were only times I were not available, but like so many women I decided to look at his history and found that he had looked on mornings of some days we were off together, that really hurt.

    I believe when p*** is used instead of your partner that's really wrong, I do look at it as cheating in a way, you're cheating us out of time together.

    There's been times it's gotten me so down. I haven't looked at his history in years, I realized that if I did it would only hurt me and make him feel violated. You'd think men would stop trying to justify it when you clearly see how it pushes your partners away and makes them feel as though we're all just objects or that being with us is a chore. It makes me feel really unneeded.

    I currently have no idea if he looks at it anymore ever since Google came out with icognito window I just have sort of accepted that he could be hiding anything and I'll just never know.

    And I know this might not translate, but in my opinion a guy looking at p*** is the same as a woman getting pics from a guy on her phone, because I don't think it's a big deal, I'm not gonna have an affair but my fiancé was p***** when a guy sent me pics back when we were first going out.

    Men don't understand just how jealous women are, for f***'s sake, if I have any advice for young women I would say don't have relationships with men, use them for fun dates and s** because they don't care about our well being much anymore. Sucks but that seems like where society is at, men and women angry and resenting each other on so many levels

  • Men are loosing interest in marriage for many reasons . Women want their independence and they get it . They start s** much earlier than previous generations , and most men do not want to marry a w**** or s*** , if I find out she is a s*** , then the other men can have her . Second is money , I make over 150 K a year and have a nice beautiful home . I want a woman to love my home and whom wants children and not cheat on me . 70% of the women nowadays cheat on their husband, why get married if you girls are going to cheat ? S** is just one part of life , it is easy to have an o***** , it is hard to be a good wife . I want a woman , not a girl, I love mature women whom respect me. If they act childish to h*** with them

  • Girls, you are responsible for your own o*****. It is not the guy's responsibility. First you need to get to know your own body. M********* whenever you feel h**** - try different things; your fingers or even toys. When you figure out what it takes to get you off, then tell your guy what he needs to do to make it happen. If you are not having o******, it is your own fault.

  • I'm calling bullshit on comment number one. You can't just f*** a girl like she is a blow-up doll. Both parties are responsible for pleasing each other.

    If your man isn't taking the time to figure you out and make you c**, he isn't worth your time.

    My husband and I know what works and have amazing s**. But sometimes cheating crosses my mind because he only wants it once or twice a week (sometimes less) ~ and, yes, p********** is (I think) the cause. It is quick and easy and only about him. Plus, he can "f***" a woman of his choosing.. and a new one every time! Every man's fantasy I'm sure. You really can't compete with p***.

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