Im in love with my ex

I am 20 years old and in love with my ex. So me and my ex dated in middle school for about, 2 years. Then he broke up with me because we was going to a different high schools. I was heart broken. Then years later, sophomore year, we crossed each other path & fell in love again. so he asked me back out and I said YES! MONTHS had pass & things were good. One day I started to have feelings for someone else and I broke up with my boyfriend. My ex was heart broken. He tried and tried to get back with me but I wasn't having it. Once I got with the new guy I became more into my ex. I wanted to get back with him but it was to late, he already had a new girlfriend. More years has passed, it was senior year and I was in a 3 years relationship with a new guy , but I couldn't get my mind off my ex. So me and my high school boyfriend broke up after we graduated. 2 years has passed and I came across that my middle school ex again and he had broken up with his long term girlfriend. So my best friend texted him and told him I was interested in talking to him again (as friends). We started talking and everything was like it use to be but one day we officially had s** & he knew how I felt about him. But he told me he wasn't ready for a relationship yet cause he just broken up with his ex 2 months ago. so I respected that and became his friend but once we had s** these feeling started coming back STRONG! I cant stop thinking about him, I cant eat, cant sleep, he's all I want! He told me that he like me but that's it, nothing more! He asked me to tell him how I felt about him but when I do he stray away from what I said. We hang out once a week and talk & text everyday...he gets mad when im talking to another guys but its ok for him to talk to other girls. He gives me mixed emotions when we're together. He kisses me goodbye like im his girlfriend. He tells me he's never going to hurt me. I cry every night because I want to be with him...Im crazy in love with him. He makes me so happy. What am I doing wrong? am I moving to fast? Is he using me to get over his ex?

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  • Oh chica. I feel horrible for you. I think he is unsure of your relationship with each other. (You should wait for a guy's response though, I'm just una muchacha) But honestly, wait a little bit for him to get his head straight and then ask him right out front is he feels the same way about you. You had s**, and gave yourself up to him for at least one night. He should be able to give himself back without all of this pain and confusion.

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