Whenever I hear people in my classes

Whenever I hear people in my classes laughing, I can't help but think they're laughing at me. It's starting to drive me crazy.

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  • I think everyone feels that way sometimes, and doesn't want to admit it.
    It's irrational, but sometimes it's just my automatic assumption.
    But it's also pretty easy to convince yourself you're crazy, and that's easier to believe than that people always have a reason to laugh at you.

  • ^ b****

  • They are laughing at you ...
    Can't you see and hear them ?
    They just found out your a closet f** ...
    Show them that they can't laugh at you anymore....
    Purchase a s*** load of guns and go into your class next time bullets blazing taking everyone out even the innocent ones who didn't laugh...
    They all deserve it..

  • Don't listen to the RN. This country and many others medicate kids far too easy and way too much. Those drugs are worse than smoking pot and only help the f****** drug companies make more profitt by getting you hooked on stupid s***. Smoke the dope instead. As far as thinking people are laughing at you, if you can't ignore it just ask one of them a stupid question like to borrow a pen or something. Read they way they answer you. If they are laughing at you ask them WTF. If not, no worry. My bet is they are not laughing at you.

  • Ive had similar except they were actually laughing at me sometimes but i could hear them.

  • Hey listen, I'm a RN. Lots of young people go through this, it's likely just a little insecurity. However, you may have the early symptoms of a chemical imbalance in your brain.....this is easily corrected if diagnosed early...you simply may need some medication...it's a wide spread condition known as Schizophrenia. Many, many people have it.....sometimes it's mild and most people go undiagnosed. See your doctor or a nurse.

  • Where there's smoke, there's fire... They probably ARE laughing at you! Get your revenge by going on a shooting rampage....

  • Sometimes I think the same thing. But if you think about it why would they be?

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