Any girls reading this, please-- help me.

You see, I have this fetish for humiliation/degradation-- but I ESPECIALLY want the girl(s) doing it to actually be laughing at me while they do it. To just say the cruelest, most hurtful things she can think of-- and just be laughing her ass off at me the whole time. The problem is that outside of my fetish IRL I genuinely AM actually an antisocial loser both too shy and inept to even MEET any girls, let alone actually try anything. But the thing is, I'm DESPERATE to get off to this, and it's never far from the front of my mind. It's to the point where I was playing online games with a friend's nine year old not too long ago, when she playfully called me stupid-- and I actually had an involuntary reaction! For a split second I actually had to wrestle with the thought of... asking for HER umm... "help". Yes, I'm a pathetic, sick creep-- but I NEED this to happen so I can cool off for a little while at least, I'm starting to lose major control of it. So I'm here, begging girls I've never even met to PLEASE make. fun of me, I NEED this to release some of this s***. I just have two VERY important requirements. One: be as harsh or as "gentle" as you want-- but don't be ROUGH-- I need to feel like you're at least a LITTLE bit smarter than me or it just doesn't work. Number two-- whatever you say, however long or short you go with it-- even if you don't actually even bother SAYING an actual word-- if you respond to this, I need you to actually write out the laughs and giggles-- because knowing you're laughing at me is what MAKES it hot. I'm sorry that this is so creepy, I'm sorry to be bothering random girls with my disgusting needs-- but please, PLEASE help me. If you do this for me, thank you-- I do highly appreciate it.

Jun 30, 2021

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  • And a pee every day on you. haa!

  • So you can go with that dimestore w**** 4 answers down or a real dominatrix. Someone born to be a dominatrix:) or you can suck the toes of that pig in nylons below hahahahahahaha!!!!! I bet you will choose the pig because you know you don't deserve to be controlled by a real woman. HA! pathetic. You are the most pathetic man I have even seen in my life. hahahahahah! I mean seriously where did you learn to dress? You dress like rick moranis in Little Shop of Horrors or in any 80s movie for that matter. HA! heheeee This is so much fun. I will come home every day and take all my aggression out on you because YOU deserve my anger. HA HA You little freak!

  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I am the one who posted the three prevcious replies and i am laughing ayt your puny little d!k. You are pathetic and useless. What the h*** would i do with that if i ever wanted it which idon;t you are gross. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Moron! eat my s*** now. Go ahead it is in the toilet bowl. Good doggie.

  • I am going to chain you to the table while i am gone. And you better not pee on the rug or I will beat the shi1 out of you! You hear me!

  • That dumbass before me actually mentioned making love to her. HA! what a Moron! I would Never let you even touch me! You are not fit to look me in the eye! You behave. Now sit! I am your owner. I tell you when to speak . You never look me in the eye it is disrespectful. You will put on htis collar and i will walk you like the animal you arre. You are my slave. I OWN you. I love to come home every day just to pee on you. You little shi(! You worthless little scumbag! Go f*** yourself because I certainly am not going to do it. Also someone obviously already fcucked your brains out because clearly you don't have any! What a moron! Get back here NOW!

  • Listen m*** I am a dom and you better get down on the floor and give me 100 push ups , NOW! you are not fit to eat my s*** but I will make you taste a small portion of it beofe i flush the toilet. I will pee on you and you will like it! You will SHUT UP! I am the boss I speak and YOU LISTEN! You do not utter one word without my approval and I will laugh at your scrawny or fatss and you will not like it you will cry! Yes you will grovel at my beautiful princess feet and you will BEG beg me to forgive you for not being a man with big blals enough to be my hero. You will Beg Beg Beg me to forgive you for not being man enough to be in my presence. You will BEG my forgiveness and I will laugh loudly in your face degradingly. And you will LIKE IT! And I will puch your arm and you will lik it! You are NOTHING! Especially if you are an American what a pathetic s*** excuse for a man! PLEASE you are an idiot a nothing! You could never have me you insignificant little r*****. Get on uyour knees in my presence how dare you look at me. Do not make eye contact!

  • I need to meet you. I am a dominatrix and I LOVE Laughing at men. I love laughing at women even more but i am not attracted to them. As long as you let me pee on you we'll be good to go.

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