Almost caught by maid

Firstly I do not travel a lot. I am staying at a hotel. This morning I was masturbating while looking at p*** on my ipad and I hear a knock on the door and a womans voice saying 'housekeeping' I yelled to come back later at
Least 3 times but she kept opening the door. The bed I was on was Blocked from view from the door by the wall of the bathroom. She finally heard me and said sorry before walking down the short hallway but as I was frantically yelling for her to come back later i had a huge o*****. I had my hand on my p**** but was more Trying to cover myself than play with it but it just st started gushing everywhere. I am so glad she didn't actually see me but am Now fascinated and turned on by what happened. I have thought about it all day

Sep 10, 2013

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  • She probably knew what you were doing and wanted a peek for a thrill of her own, women do s*** like that all the time and pretend not too, trust me cos im one of the girls who would do it haha
    you obviously get turned on by the risk of getting caught like me, how about trying danger-wanking? wanking with a risk. its fun.
    a game i was told when i was 15 was to start touching yourself then call someone (in this case a parent) to come to you for something and you have to c** before they come in the room lol
    just make sure you have a fake reason for calling them tho hahahaha xx

  • You should check out

  • I think getting caught in one of the most personal acts makes you feel vulnerable and you like that. Try incorporating masturbation into your s** life with a partner. My bf does it with me and my arms are happy for the break.

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