Getting my wife's sister into bed...

My wife and I are both 28 and happily married. We both come from large families, and hers includes several older sisters. They are all quite attractive but are also ultra-conservative. I've never had any fantasies or desires regarding any of her sisters, but that changed about 1 week ago.

My wife has a 35 yr-old sister who is married with 4 kids. She is blonde, petite, and has a bit of a domineering personality on the surface. In any case, despite her husband earning over 200k/yr, they are in dire financial straits. My sister-in-law is beside herself - car in the shop, behind on the mortgage, credit cards maxed, etc etc. So, I send her an anonymous text using a google voice number to hide my identity. I simply tell her that I want to pay to get her car out of the shop. At this point, I have no ulterior motive, but I genuinely feel badly for them and want to help.

She, of course, wants to know who I am and what I want, to which I reply that I am anonymous and want nothing in return. Over the next several days, I help her with various things to the tune of $7,000. I ask for trivial things in return like, answer any 3 questions I ask, and things like that. So, after 1 week, I make a mistake and she's able to determine my identity. I had already revealed anonymously that I was attracted to her but that I didn't expect anything from her. When she discovered my identity, she was SHOCKED that it was me. However, she then commented that while she didn't think getting sexual was a good idea, that maybe having s** with me is just what she needs.

Not sure if getting her into bed is such a good idea despite the obvious taboo fantasy it plays into...

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  • I agree entirely with the last poster really have to f*** her its cost you $7k and you get nothing in return ..sounds as if she wants you to f*** her as well ...never look a gift horse in the mouth my friend ...f*** her good and hard ..get your moneys worth.

  • By al means lick and f*** her

  • Having money problems like that with income like that means that they will probably have more problems in the future. and it also means that she will probably come to you again in the future. Why do I mention this? Because if you f*** her, then she will have this over your head when she comes back for more money. she won't even have to say it. And she will turn into your regular w****. "Joe, we are a little short again this month. Can we meet at the holiday inn and help each other out again?"

  • Obviously you aren't happily married if you are thinking of cheating on your wife with her sister. And obviously the sis is not as conservative as you say if she is thinking about it too. This old saying comes to mind: "Its fine to walk around town all day and build up an appetite, so long as you come home for dinner." Sure, all men have day-dreams and fantasies, but the difference between a******* and real men is that real men don't act on them if it will hurt the ones they love. Your wife will find out (assuming you don't keep private bank account on the side). But that's not a license to "go ahead and f***" the sister. If you have kids, then you will irreparably ruin their childhoods by cheating, being discovered, and divorce. If you care about them, let that stay your hand/c***. Tell the sis-in-law that its just silly fantasies, a moment of weakness, and that you love your wife and children too much to s**** her. Eat the $7K and simply tell her you were happy you could help her out (I doubt it will do any good for inveterate debtors like her and/or her husband), and move on. If/when your wife asks about the $7k, tell her you were trying to be modest and thought doing it anonymously would be best. Apologies for not talking it over with her first, but it was a spur of the moment thing (make the impulse sound natural for you/your normal behavior). Hopefully you can bullshit well enough that she buys it. I suggest this be your LAST TIME ever bullshitting her, and from now on try to communicate with her more, maybe you two can find a way to spice up your s** life so that when you think about f******, the only one you think of is her. If she is such a frigid and/or controlling b**** that you can't stand her, then end it now (it will f*** up the kids more if two hateful people stay together), otherwise commit to her, even going to marriage counseling if it will help. If the problem is w/ you, and you can't keep to one woman, ask yourself why you ever got married.

  • I will personally feel bad for being out $7000 without any p**** in return.Your wife is going to know that u spent that money within days for sure and start digging and she will tell sister and sister will confess.Hubby is going to wonder how wife came up with 7k.You are f***** so u may as well f*** her and get something out of these.You are headed for trouble.Sister-in-law may blackmail you too for more money.However,I love f****** married women,especially white oned

  • Don't do it, think of your wife, what goes around comes back around. Don't lose your wife over something that really isn't nothing.

  • Yes..You have to f*** her if not for your personal satisfaction, for every married man who has a f******* sister in law. You have to f*** her good and f*** her for that stupid f*** husband that can´t keep her in line and meet the payments. F*** her little ass good, and enjoy it. Put your good hard earned money to work. Of course you need to have her. Its your right now that your have resolved her problems. That is what men do, we resovle womens problems so that they give us their bodies and b******* and s**. F*** her, you have earned it, and enjoy!

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