30 years of my life wasted

I am a 30 year old virgin, Ugly, not fat but not slim either, I never had an intimate relationship with anyone, I am unsuccessful, I don't have any money and I think I am diabetic and I hate myself.

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  • It takes courage to say what you have said.

  • Just get out of the f****** house, go somewhere do something.
    learn how to fly, take scuba lessons,dance lessons, go play bingo with the older ladies that would love to have a man tear their s*** up. just get out of the f****** house

  • You are an amazing person and I won't judge people based an how much or little your s** life is.

  • Go find a h***** and pop the cherry.

  • Cheer up.everybody has to stop being a virgin some,for every man,there is always a woman willing to love that man.for better or worse,rich or poor.is sickness or health.there is always a woman willing to love you forever.8

  • I am 33 year old virgin.soon i am going to be a 34 year old virgin,i might die a virgin, because all the video games and pokemon games that i play.i have no problems in dying as a virgin,i know it is strange in what i am saying,but it is poetic justice on all the scab people that had no faith in me.My dad will never be a grandfather in his life ever.i have no problem in that,how do you feel, that i might die as a virgin.

  • I feel a lil sad, I also spend my day.. working a little to live, and the rest playing online games and watching TV, and come to think of it I might die a virgin too.

  • Don't allow your father to control your choices, one way or another.

  • Cheer up as you could be in my shoes: butt-ugly dork who still has his virgin card at age 64.

  • Wow, a senior citizen virgin. Hard to believe!

  • Sorry

  • No offense but I thought the guy in the movie "The 40 Year Old Virgin" was a loser. You top him by a mile.

  • Thanks

  • If you're 30, you've only been an adult for about a decade so you are still in training and 10 years of experience can now be counted as something so it is definitely not wasted on you because you've learned some things.

    You are not ugly. You just dislike your self. It's all in the mind so change your perspective on you. Since you think you are overweight do something about it. Eat less, control your eating. Exercise. Acquire friends.

    Since you believe you may be diabetic get a physical at a free clinic. If confirmed do as above.

    I hope I helped you a bit today. 8-)

  • Thanks, i am trying to eat less, i am thinking of starting jogging, I don't want to take the test, i don't want to know .. n thanks u did help

  • Try finding a life coach online and start getting help, but you have to decide to first. The negative self talk is not healthy, and you're choosing to say/type those words.

    When i feel miserable I go to the gym and walk on the treadmill for a bit. It helps man, try it.

  • Exercise really does help. It's though to get going at first but once you make it a habit it gets easier and easier and it releases endorphins making it an effective counter to depression. You don't have to start running marathons, even simple things like walking to the corner store rather than driving or taking the stairs as opposed to the elevator/escalator is a good place to start.

  • Thanks ill try that

  • Wow kinds sounds like me. Except I'm 40 and not a virgin. But I haven't really done anything with my life. Look at it this way. 30 is still young. 30 is the new 20. Take a look at couples you see. Many of them are not the best looking people. I see plenty of fat women with kids. Someone must have been with them. So there is someone for everyone. Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Stop hating yourself. You're the only one who can change you. I know its easier to wallow in self pity but that won't get you anywhere. You have no excuses.

  • U know i've read that too, someone is for everyone, but i don't know, i can make un-virgin myself with a help of a w**** but i don't want to do that.

  • Being a virgin isn't some death sentence. Everyone has a different pace in life, and that's okay. Take all these suggestions and make them work for you. That motivation has to come from within, you really have to want to make a change in your life. And start by doing little things. Like drinking water instead of soda. Or if you say something negative about yourself, change it with a positive. If you start to do things to make yourself feel better about yourself, your outlook changes. You begin to build self confidence and when you see how you are changing, you'll want to see more. The more self confidence you have, the more you'll want to get out there in the world and show yourself off. And the more people will respond to you in positive ways. Build a support system to support your efforts. A life coach or even a therapist would be really helpful. Help you to change the bad habits. Don't be discouraged, it's all a process. But you'll get there.

  • You don't need a w**** to unvirgin yourself. You need to find the right person for you. You must really have a low opinion of yourself if you think you need a w**** to loose your virginity to.

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