Gorgeous crush

I tried posting this before, but it still hasn't shown up, so I'll try again. There's this guy that works at Walmart with my mom, and he is gorgeous. I told my mom when we through his line, so she decided to play match maker. According to her, he kept looking at me the entire time. Yesterday, when we went there, she gave him a piece of paper with my number on it, and he said "Is this a...?" and looked at my mom. She said "Not me." and he looked at me and smiled, then put it in his pocket. I told my mom that o hated her (not seriously) and he said "That's kind of harsh." and kept smiling until we left. He hasn't called me, so I'm thinking it's a no. Ummm... does anyone think he'll call me at some point?

Oct 20, 2013

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  • Hey I will call u lets start by e-mail and go from there bob_crack at yahoo dot com ; )

  • Guys don't call immediately. They wait a couple days to do so. Agree with the comment below..he may think it's a joke or because he works with your mom it maybe be a sticky situation if things don't work out. Plus you really like this guy, and he may see you as some high school kid. Or he has a girlfriend. Hard to say what he's thinking. Maybe when you have your birthday, invite him to the party.

  • Your mom seems kinda pushy. He probably wants to call you but is feeling uncertain because your mom gave him the number instead of you. He's not sure if maybe it was a joke and doesn't want to call you and come across as a creeper. If you want a shot with this guy you're going to have to fix this. The next time you see him ask him why he hasn't called you yet. He MIGHT say he's just not interested (be prepared for this) but he'll likely say he wasn't sure you wanted him to.

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