Why do I try?

I've lost my home because I trusted roommates who let me down and stole from me. I lost my job because people who don't deserve management positions go on power trips and do things out of spite and jealousy. I realize I have no real friends because during this rough time, I reach out to friends and family for help. Nobody stepped up to the plate to offer any help to me with the exception of a 50+year old hoarder. The choices were either live on the street or live with the hoarder. I felt as if the only sensible option was to take the hoarder. Now I feel confined to my bedroom, I can't really cook a meal because there is too much junk. I'm cleaning out the car everytime I have to use it because he trashes that. I try to take a job that didn't work out, and now I'm just going to school and feeling less and less confident about myself, my life, my looks, everything. I feel like nobody really cares about me, nobody wants to even look out for me. Today really marks a day that really wish I was dead.

Oct 27, 2013

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  • Life can be cruel at times.
    But the only way is up and forward.
    To aim for your goal in life and let no one stop you.

  • It sounds like everything that's gone wrong in your life is someone else's fault. None of us can control what happens to us, the only thing we can control is how we respond to it. It's time to start focusing on the things you can control and stop worrying about the things you can't.

  • Agree with this comment. Sometimes you have to be direct and let people know exactly what you need. But in the end, you have to do the work to get yourself into a better situation. And maybe this is all happening for a reason to make a huge changes in your life to get to a better place. Don't look at this as a "Poor me" moment. People far worse off than you dust off their hands and go forward to make things happen. Your first step (like the above commenter says, stop blaming others) begin by taking responsibility for your own actions. If you were laid off, you can collect unemployment. If you were fired, then you have to look at what you weren't/were doing on the job. Your roommates..if you're on a lease, you are responsible for your portion of the rent and they can't "kick you out". Cooking? Learn..it's really not all that difficult to boil water, make pasta and chop up some vegetables. You're smart, you're just going through a tough time. Keep moving upward.

  • Thanks. i'm still around, and trying to plan some changes. some easier than others--- oh and the cooking thing? I can cook--just there is no space to cook because my roommate is an extreme hoarder. out of respect i don't want to throw out any of his things, but i have expressed how much of a problem it is. I don't know if i should get more in a "do it or else" mindset.. but i'm really tempted

  • Ah..okay. Sure, things take time to make real changes in your life. Just be patient and keep plugging away. Keep setting things into motion and don't let "No" answers throw you off course. It just means something better is out there for you. Well hopefully your living situation can just be a temporary situation. Hoarding is considered a mental illness. So it may not be entirely his/her fault, that doesn't make it easier to live with someone like that. Not sure if the "do it or else" approach will work in this case. It's one thing if they are just messy..but he/she just may not be capable of letting things go because there is an emotional attachment. But if you are paying rent, you should be able to live in a clean environment and not worry about starting a fire when you want to cook. Maybe you can save enough money to move out or find your own place or one with other roommates. Maybe look on craigslist or shared rentals or something.

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