Why get married?

Of everyone I know at least one partner is unhappy while the other one is clueless as to how bad the relationship is. My brother is married to a b**** she spends his money and when she earns some it's hers not there's. They have no money she spends more than she earns. They have two kids and we suspect the only reason she had them was to accredit her social status within friends and family. Do to get me wrong she can be nice but it's all an act.

I have many other friends who aren't happy in their marriages, some ave cheated and some just go through the daily grind of a marriage, unhappy and bored.

One friend Iain an open relationship he has slept around and so has she, but I get the feeling she doesn't want to be married anymore, I don't have the heart to tell him besides he wouldn't listen anyway.

I just don't get it, you are together for so long so you work out what that person is like and if you don't like it you still get married?

I personally need someone Exciting, fun ,adventurous and dirty, I don't care what your life has thrown at you good or bad but at least just like to have fun. Looking for drapes or a rug to go with the furniture is not my kind of fun. S** on the clean sheets is not fun, s** in the back seat of a car or in a change room is!

Catching you masturbating is! Catching you watch the ABC is not! Hearing that you had a drunken night with your friends dressed inappropriately and flirting with guys is, hearing that you sat around talking and b******* at a dinner table with a bottle of wine is not.


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  • A friend of mine said getting married is like eating your favorite food for the rest of your life ( s** with one woman ) , guess what you will get sick of it and want to try another food ( another woman ) .
    I don't care how much you love someone s** gets boring with the same person .
    That is why there are so many sexless marriages .

  • I think people get married because families push the next generation to marry but the thing is things are so much different now then back in the 60 or 50 .

    Marriage is a trap that people fall into

    Girls get all caught up on the wedding , the dress , friends , family , that they don't think about who they are marrying .
    Guys get married because they want someone to take care of them , cook , clean , s** ,

    The problem is Marriage is intuition
    In the 70's and 80's people started waking up and started living together because who can really stay with someone for life !
    Anyways I could go on and on about this topic

    My question was always why do rich people movie stars , actors get married when there marriage is going to fail and then they have to pay tons of
    money , it seems to me that is one of the dumbest move a movie star would .
    do .
    Work your ass off so you give it to your ex

  • How would you feel if you married someone with your same mindset tho? You wouldn't have to live life by the way people say you should, you two could make up your own rules! :)

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