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I have been married to my husband for almost 12 years and we have 2 wonderful boys whom I adore. My husband and I have been going through a dry spell and frankly I am having a hard time finding him sexually appealing, A few weeks ago a guy that I work with asked me for my cell number so I gave it to him. At first we started just texting about work and people around our building but for about 2 weeks our text messages have become very racy and earlier this we he took me to lunch and we fooled around a little. I love my husband and I have no plans of breaking up my marriage or his but this really fun and it has actually got me more interested in s** with my husband. Every part of me knows it is wrong but before we were married he cheated on me and in a way I think of it as my little bit of fun and that is how I'm justifying it to myself.

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  • If your conscience is feeling ok, good for you !!!

  • Now that you found somebody else that you're attracted to and feel safe in this situation with fulfill all your sexual fantasies and desires your wants .use him to help satisfy and explorer all your sexual fantasies. the side of you that you feel might be too provocative for your husband to understand .

  • You just need to tell it like it is period . better to let your hubby know then not . open communication is an important part of marriage . no matter how good or how bad . my wife I tell each other everything , no secrets . trust me , you will being doing your self a favor .

  • I think I subscribe to the very last two comments...

    Your family happiness should be the prime

  • You love the attention..Simple as that. Are seeking elsewhere what you don't get at home... I did it, too..

  • Just f*** him. You know you want to. Mmmmmm open your legs to his c***. Let him c** inside you. Feel his s**** pumping into you.

  • You unconccessly looked for a guy that was attatched, safe and yet he makes you feel desirable again hence hubby benefits from a h**** wife without knowing where his luck suddenly came from. If your lover and you are on the same page that it's s** and excitement and risky too. You might feel that twinge of guilt as your lover starts to f*** you but so naughty, so risky that you get wetter than you so with hubby and your o****** seem amazing? I know that monogamy is not natural for us, a marriage is more than two people who are only ever meant to have s** with one person after the ceremony. And one of the worst feelings is betrayal from your spouse - even when that is not what you intended. You need to open up a sexual dialogue with your hubby over s**. If s** is a problem that can either be sorted between you and hubby or an agreement reached over the terms of how you f*** other guys - personally I would rather my wife be open with me over who she is playing with, less chances it could get nasty if you know he is there to support you.

  • It's easy to tell from the way that you never mention what this guy is like, aside from a brief mention that implies he's married, and from the few but negative things that you've written about your husband, that you have chosen to only think about yourself. Enjoy that while it lasts. When this all blows up on you (and it will) and your sons begin to hate you, please write back and let us know how that went for you. Let's hope they didn't inherit your ability to hold decades-long grudges! Looks like they get a lifetime of intimacy and trust issues. As for your flimsy excuse about your husband cheating twelve years ago, before you were married, you still decided to marry him and exchange official vows to be faithful. Then you brought kids into it. You chose that life. That was your decision, your responsibility. Now you get to mess with this poor coworker's life as well.That you also text about your coworkers shows how shallow and self-absorbed you are.

  • Stop before you go to far. Even if he cheated on you once that doesn't give you a pass to do it. Think about what this will do to your sons if your marriage blows up. I'm not judging you. I've been where you are. it will only end badly.

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