I had to get down on my knees and beg for money

OK I did a really stupid thing and owed some money to this kid on school. He is a big guy and takes his money seriously. If I didn't pay him he was gonna kick my ass seriously. I owed him 150 bucks. I didn't have that kind of money and couldn't tell my parents or else I'd be in really really big trouble. none of my friends had it. I needed it fast. the only person I cud get it from was my big brother. he is 19 and has a job. we never really got along. he loved to pick on me and stuff. I asked him nicely told him i was desperate told him I would get hurt if I didn't get it. He said that's a lot of money and wouldn't give it to me. I told him please that I wud do anything. he says how u gonna pay me back. I said I wud find a way I didn't care not worried abt that more worried abt getting my ass kicked. he said he wud lend it to me if I begged him. I said fine I was begging I was desperate. he said no on ur knees begging. I hoped he was joking but wasn't. I said fine if he wud promise to give me the money I wud get on my knees and beg. he said let me see first I really didn't want to if he wasn't gonna give me it. I did it on my knees begging for the money. he video recorded me on his phone and posted it on youtube. he laughed at me keeps laughin at my so embarrassing but I got the money. im never gonna get in trouble again. nice brother I have he made a fool of me humiliated me and made me a laughing stock.

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  • I was raped for money and never got the money and I am angry. the worst part is I didn't know i was raped for money at the time.

  • Lol...

  • You were in a tough spot and your brother is six kinds of screwed up. Family should be there to help, not to humiliate. One would hope he grows up, but if he doesn't make sure you don't have to depend on his benevolence in the future.

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