I Hate Guys.

I'm a 15 year old girl. I F****** HATE GUYS. I know not every guy is a dumbass, but the ones I have in my family are f****** straight up stupid. My dad acts like a child playing his little guilt trip game, my brother is an a******, my cousin picks on me about my breast size and says I'm built like a graham cracker (like what the h*** is that supposed to mean? My own cousin is checking me out? .-.) my stepdad thinks his Mr. Knowitall. My grandpa is a control freak, and the only guy in my family that's decent is my uncle. I just wish I had a guy I could go to that would be nice. I had a boyfriend who was into BDSM s*** and told everyone I did things like that, and that I was his fuckbuddy. It just p***** me off, I just don't even want to be around them anymore? I've talked to all of then about their problems, and they don't take it seriously. I hate it.

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  • A stepfather that's a j***. What else is new?

  • Its not guys. Its the people in your family, or maybe the area you live in where people are just like that.

  • Sounds like your family is full of a*******. There's a lot of different people out there. When your world grows beyond the bounds of your family's house you will be able to meet people who aren't dickheads. Also, that s*** your cousin does is kind of sexual harassment, although I doubt telling him that would make a difference unfortunately. As for the BDSM thing... nothing wrong with that, it's a pretty cool community, but yet again sounds like that guy was an a******!

  • I love you.I am boy n Bi.

  • Wow you got a bunch of immature guys in your family. Not all of us are like that, believe me. If you're looking for a nice guy there's plenty out there. A lot of nice guy think girls are into them because they're looking for the bad boy type. It's nice to hear not all girls are like that.

  • Thank you (:

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